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19-year-old survivor of sexual violence wants to become Finance Minister

“Child marriage was very challenging” – Geoffrey Asiku’s story

Cultural norm pushes 14-year-old Faida into an early marriage

Water, sanitation and hygiene club improves learning environment in a rural primary school

Playing catch up to register to child births: Moses Lopeyok, Statistician, Kaabong District, Uganda

Four generations and one birth certificate

Recording births in Uganda's remote villages

Midwifery trainings and mentorship saves more mothers and babies in remote Karamoja

“The ambulance was my savior”

Transport voucher system boosts health facility deliveries in hard-to-reach areas of Karamoja

Accepting to give birth at the health centre saved my baby’s life

Nearness of equipped VHTs to homes has reduced sickness and death among children

Village health teams, key structures in saving mothers and their babies from preventable deaths

School clubs equipping adolescents with survival skills

No class too big with the right teaching skill set

Vibrant School Management Committees in Moroto support learning in primary schools

Curbing malnutrition in Karamoja: Multi-sectoral approach working

Seven months baby malnourished, mother attributes it to ‘traditional spirits’

No more rags, leaves and sitting on sand during menstruation

How the search for income is escalating malnutrition in Karamoja

"Knowledge of Key Family Care Practices changed our lives”-Karamajong couple

UN CERF and UNICEF supporting effective vaccine management to reach every child

How UNICEF integrated ECD Centres and Child friendly Spaces are healing South Sudanese refugee children

“I almost lost my 2-year-old to malaria and anaemia”

UNICEF nutrition support saves baby Rita, enriches mother’s knowledge on better feeding practices

"I have to endure the rain, cold and darkness to save the mother and baby," Bodaboda transporter

Additional skills and equipment can go a long way in saving lives: Akidi Pamela’s Story

Quality midwifery care calls for responding to calls even when you are off duty: Abura Fausta’s Story

Risk communication approach used to contain Cholera outbreak within hosting communities as new refugees arrive from the Democratic Republic of Congo

Resilient and determined, 18 year old Atwine walks in his parents’ shoes to head a family of seven

FamilyConnect equips Iganga mothers with maternal knowledge

FamilyConnect: a healthier baby for Nazima in Uganda

“I don’t want to get married”- Adolescent girl from South Sudan

Peer pressure ended her education

Refugees and host communities commend improved health workers’ attitude in Northern Uganda

Re-vitalizing Rita’s dream to teach

70 per cent of refugees in Imvepi Settlement have latrines

VHTs lead to increase in demand of health services in Northern Uganda

Northern Uganda: Deliveries and ante-natal care attendance at health centres shoot up

“Our water is enough”

My children rarely fall sick because of immunization

A child mother’s dream to obtain an education

Youth Leader voluntarily mobilizes the community for child health and nutrition initiatives

For baby Gilbert and other babies, breast milk is no ordinary food

Cholera outbreak further stresses the DRC refugee Influx response

John and family are hopeful even after displacement from DRC

Hundreds of unaccompanied and separated Congolese refugee children enter Uganda

Through the National Child Helpline, a young girl is rescued from marriage

61% of Congolese refugees crossing into Uganda are children

UNICEF partner providing timely care and support for babies during their first days

How UNICEF saved 4 year South Sudanese child from severe acute malnutrition

Meet Betty Leila, a mother who opened her home to vulnerable refugee children

Parents providing meals to children attending ECD centres in refugee settlements

Health education & outreaches enhance immunization among South Sudanese refugees and host communities

Uganda Red Cross supports communities affected by Cholera, Floods and Landslides in Western Uganda

UNICEF increases access to sufficient water for South Sudanese refugees and host communities

Provision of Integrated ECD strengthened through stimulation and learning activities at home

Role models critical to step up immunization in the country

How child sensitive social protection grants can improve lives of Uganda’s vulnerable children

In a rural model Integrated Early Childhood Development Centre, children learn through play

Strengthening government structures to create demand for social services

Parish Chief champions the Nutrition and Early Childhood Development Programme in Amudat District

UNICEF to support birth registration in five more districts

UNICEF child friendly spaces sensitise girls on FGM, child marriage in Karamoja

UNICEF Adolescent Empowerment Programme provides hope to adolescent girls from South Sudan

In Northern Uganda host communities and refugees coexist peacefully despite strained resources

UNICEF Uganda introduces nutrition outreaches to reach all South Sudanese refugee children

UNICEF adopts grandmother approach to end FGM/C and early child marriage in Eastern Uganda

Early Childhood Development: Karamajong men defy culture to support development of their children

Hygiene promoters boost sanitation and hygiene in South Sudanese refugee settlements

UNICEF’s emergency Water, Sanitation and Hygiene interventions curb diseases

In Uganda, community leaders, religious leaders spearhead the campaign against female genital mutilation

UNICEF Uganda, UNHCR providing education to over 26,000 South Sudanese refugee primary children

Esther smiles again after her one year old baby is cured of severe acute malnutrition by UNICEF and partner

On the International Day of the Girl Child, rural adolescent girls highlight their plight

UNICEF child friendly spaces make South Sudanese refugee children in Uganda forget their sorrows

National Integrated Early Childhood Development Policy of Uganda Launched

UNICEF supports installation of audio-visual technology at Ugandan Courts for witness protection

Strengthening civic voice to accelerate the improvement of service delivery

Plight of an adolescent girl from rural Kasese, Western Uganda

Maternal and child health programme saving mothers and babies in hard to reach areas of Acholi Region

A ray of hope as internally displaced persons and flood victims in Bundibugyo receive food and Non-Food Items

UNICEF provides clean water to drought affected communities in Kotido District

Mobile technology innovations greatly strengthen accountability for results to children

Male involvement critical in the Elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV Campaign

Swedish Government offers additional funds to save women and babies in Karamoja region

Scale-up of HPV vaccination, flagged off

Government and partners launch measles campaign

Expanding learning opportunities for refugee children: Uganda’s DigiSchool Pilot

Life saving health interventions keep refugee children free from disease

From Loneliness and Jiggers to Joy

UNICEF Helps Reconstruct Lost Hope and Future for Child Mothers and Children Born in Captivity

eMTCT success: 26 year old HIV positive mother learns from her mistake to save future children from HIV

UNICEF supported health programme to address under-five mortality in Uganda

UNICEF and Government saving children from malnutrition and its effects

EMTCT: A lifeline for Ugandan HIV positive mothers and their babies

UNICEF boosts health centre with essential new-born support equipment

Religious Leaders in Uganda unite to end Maternal and Child deaths

Solar-powered ATM delivers safe drinking water to Ugandan community

Ugandan Government launches Situation Analysis of Children, UNICEF calls for smarter investments

Business skills ignite hope in young lives

Village Health Teams critical in reduction of diseases among under-fives in North Eastern Uganda

Early marriage, teenage pregnancy shutter girl’s future

UNICEF addresses malnutrition among South Sudan refugee children

No more pumping: UNICEF provides piped water to the people of Kapedo, Kaabong District

Nutrition interventions give refugee children a second chance to life

Child Friendly Spaces support healing of South Sudan refugee children

Safe water, good sanitation and hygiene beget a healthy living for South Sudan refugees

KOICA-UNICEF sign partnership to strengthen maternal, new born and child health services

Elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV taking shape in Uganda

UNICEF Innovations critical to avert Typhoid outbreak in Uganda

Government and partners develop National Action Plan to end child sacrifice

Ugandan Health Workers join campaign against Female Genital Mutilation

Sensitisation key to eliminating Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

U-report Uganda wins prestigious Global Award

DFID Director General visit to Uganda: UNICEF Uganda Birth Cushion innovation improves safe delivery

UNICEF Uganda partners with Ministry of Finance to enhance effective delivery of government programs affecting children

Using RapidFTR, young Ayom is reunited with family after war

Refugee community schools provide children with an opportunity to learn

Invest in Early Childhood Development

Promoting Safe Delivery in Health Units through Male Engagement and Community Participation

Youth mentors from Faith-Based Organizations gain business skills

UNICEF supports young people to access information easily

Youth kiss bye to poverty thanks to Building Young Futures

“I call it a Wonder Machine” – MobiStation attracts youth in Kampala

MobiStation – An innovation supporting education in and out of schools in Uganda

Forum of Hope gives children space to speak for peace in Great Lakes region

Building Young Futures: Providing new hope for vulnerable young people

European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department (ECHO) saving children from measles, providing clean water

Father Knows Best: Promoting Immunization in Kyegegwa District

Living life in abundance as a HIV positive mother

Uganda kicks off commemoration of 25 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child with first ACTIVATE talk

Parents in Tepeth community join fight against Female Genital Mutilation

Young Ugandan Leila Nassanga is a university student, a youth leader – and a U-Reporter

In Uganda, seeking to improve birth registration across Africa

UNICEF-supported “Go-Back-to-School” efforts help girl dropout’s return to school

Motorised water brings joy to Moruita sub-county

Beauty from Ashes: Finding Peace After Violence

Solar Suitcases make midwives feel comfortable conducting deliveries at night

Snuffed dreams: Tale of an orphaned Buhweju girl

Judith Ineku – The Young Real Estate Guru

Rapid route to reuniting Congolese refugee children in Uganda with their families

UNICEF to deploy innovative RapidFTR system to reunite Congolese families in Uganda

Youth Digital Content Portal Wins Innovation Award

Girls resist Genital Mutilation to embrace Education

Two Ugandan children are - children, with support from their community

Tackling malnutrition in Uganda with homegrown solutions

Escaping malaria through Family Health Days

How can innovation improve access to quality learning?

In Uganda, a free Pneumonia vaccine is launched to save thousands of children

Through a Hand Washing Campaign, a Ugandan mother learns how to reduce illnesses affecting her children

Hand Washing Ambassadors improve the health of a community in Mukono District, Uganda

New Mobile Application helps speed up the family reunification process for Congolese child refugees in Uganda

Family Health Days: keeping families alive and safe

U-reporter meets First Lady of Germany

Facing the Odds, Abandoning Female Genital Mutilation and Returning to School

In Uganda, the National “Zero Violence in Schools” Campaign is launched at the National Day of Prayer and Action for Children

Children in Karamoja claim their right to learn

Meet Teddy: Karamojong Teenager, Wheelchair User, Future Scientist

Godfrey’s Story – Overcoming the Challenges of a Physical Disability in Kyenjojo, Western Uganda

In Uganda, promoting the rights of children with disabilities on the Day of the African Child

In Uganda, Global Action for Education Week highlighted by a call to expand Early Childhood Development programmes

Reflections on the UN General Assembly Special Session on Children, ten years on

In Uganda, UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake addresses malnutrition at the 126th Inter-Parliamentary Union

In Uganda, UNICEF Executive Director Lake sees innovation in action, calls on global community to combat undernutrition

Reaching the vulnerable Ik community of Uganda’s Karamoja Region

Spreading the word about infant and young child nutrition in Uganda

In Uganda, UNICEF and partners invest in young people

Bio-gas pilot project meets energy and safety needs for rural families in Uganda

UNICEF and the European Union combat malnutrition in drought-stricken Uganda

UNICEF-supported sanitation and hygiene initiatives improving living conditions in Uganda

Ugandan children work with community leaders to end violence in schools

In Uganda, world leaders focus on creating a safer future for children

Mobile classrooms give pastoral children new hope



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