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On the World Environment Day, children in Turkmenistan beat plastic pollution

© UNICEF Turkmenistan/2018
Children perform a theatrical dance on nature protection. Cheshme resort camp, Turkmenistan. 2018

It was an unusual day for children in Cheshme, a summer camp resort or, children’s camp as it is called. Children stay in camps for summer to get exposed to activity based learning and new knowledge and life skills, make new friends, breathe fresh air in a place surrounded by trees, mountains and a creek. They value that nature, free air and clean water is a recipe for a long life for people on the planet.

The World Environment Day provided children yet another significant opportunity to pledge their commitment to respect and protect the environment. Children reacted in disbelief with the fact that it would take hundred years for plastic to degrade in the environment and that five hundred billion plastic bags are used each year. Together with hundreds of peers and teachers from all over the country, children exclaimed in one voice “Beat the plastic pollution, let’s protect our nature!” at the event.

It was also a special day for nine-year old Masha. Firstly, it was her birthday that coincided with the World Environment Day celebrations. Secondly, she performed as an ant in the theatrical dance performance on environmental protection together with Jennet, 15, Musa, 13, Sonya, 11, Leyli, 10, Nurmedina, 11, Cheper, 10 and Enar, 8. The kids later joined the group of children who made beautiful crafts out of plastic and other recyclables for a display on the theme of the World Environment Day.

In another corner of “Cheshme” summer camp, children actively participated in the quizz on the topic of environmental protection, air, water, as well as plastic pollution. They later displayed their recommendations on how they would contribute to the nature protection and what they expect from the governments to do their bit.

© UNICEF Turkmenistan/2018
UNICEF Representative Shaheen Nilofer with children celebrating the World Environment Day. Cheshme resort camp, Turkmenistan. 2018
UNICEF jointly organized this event together with the Ministry of Education and National Red Crescent Society with support from the Canadian Fund For Local Initiative. The event was supported by the Volunteers of the United Nations and Red Crescent Society, and UNICEF Staff Association.

UNICEF Representative, Ms. Shaheen Nilofer attended the event and called everyone, including children and adults to come together to combat one of the greatest environmental menaces of our time. “The theme invites us all to consider how we can make changes in our everyday lives to reduce the heavy burden of plastic pollution on our natural places, our wildlife and our own health. The World Environment Day is here to remind us that the future of our planet rests in our hands,” she said. Ms. Nilofer thanked the leadership of the country on the issue of Climate Change and reiterated the proposed Curriculum on Climate Change and Environment will further empower children to adapt and mitigate the impact of climate change and environmental risks,” said Shaheen Nilofer.

Children felt the need to practice responsible behaviour and act as climate change agents to promote reduce-reuse-recycle among their communities.   



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