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Real Lives


Real Lives

UNICEF Turkmenistan Real Lives
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Real Live stories tell us about the lives of Turkmenistan children touched by UNICEF.

Sustainable Fashion – UNICEF Turkmenistan Sets the Trend

Early Childhood Development services help children to reach their best potential in Turkmenistan

In a traditionally female-centric child-reading culture, fathers in Turkmenistan carve out their immediate and long-term parenting roles

On the World Environment Day, children in Turkmenistan beat plastic pollution

World Environment Day 2018: Children help create a better Planet

Engaging parents in early learning

Promoting breastfeeding-a national tradition

Young leaders mobilize peers to advance Disaster Risk Reduction in their local communities

Quality of care in early years is not an option; it is a must for survival and growth

Resilient children – safe communities

Born on the CRC Day in Turkmenistan

Dilara's speechless desire

“Digging a well with a needle” to make children smile and accomplished

The magic storybook

A bond stronger than blood, strengthened by milk!

Turkmenistan children voice their opinions on a new UNICEF supported TV show

Turkmenistan youth start talking about HIV prevention through video

Children take a lead in the nationwide sanitation campaign

Pioneering life skills based education in Turkmenistan

A baby-friendly initiative expands to every corner of Turkmenistan

National salt iodization gives children a head start in Turkmenistan

Life-skills lessons turn Turkmen students into role models.

Working together for child-friendly learning in Turkmenistan

Discovering the health in salt

Maral and Sasha learn about their rights and responsibilities at National Children’s Forum

Brining water, bringing life to people in the most remote areas of Turkmenistan

School students become pioneers of HIV/AIDS prevention

Hygiene in schools matters!

UNICEF schools boost learning in Turkmenistan

Today's children, today's future



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