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Vacancies and Tenders

Technical assistance to the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry to support establishment of the system of universal early detection of congenital hearing impairment with effective rehabilitation and support among 0-6 years old children Deadline is 20 November 2019

Request for proposal of services

Submission of the Proposals:

EMAILED BIDS must be sent exclusively to in non-editable format (i.e. PDF), clearly marked with the tender number LRPS-2019-9153916 and dispatched to arrive NO LATER than the 20 November 2019 13:00 Ashgabat time. Bids received in any other manner will be INVALIDATED.

PLEASE NOTE: email should not exceed 10MB. If bid response is larger than 10MB, please zip the files or divide response into separate files and send in multiple emails instead.

Full proposals should be submitted in ENGLISH and must be received not later than 20 November 2019 13:00 Ashgabat time in electronic PDF version, duly signed and dated. Bidders must submit their proposal, ensuring separate emails for the Technical Proposal and the Price Proposal. Each email should indicate the Tender Number and Technical or Price Proposal in the subject line.  The Price Proposal must be submitted in an email separate from the rest of the proposal.  Prices or rates shall not appear in any other part of the proposal.  Supplier will submit the proposals electronically at in the following manner:

∙ Technical Proposal file clearly named as “Technical Proposal – LRPS-2019-9153916

∙ Financial Proposal file clearly named as “Financial Proposal – LRPS-2019-9153916 which should be password protected and password should be shared with UNICEF Turkmenistan only after the completion of the technical evaluation, only the candidates that have passed the technical evaluation will be contacted.


Vendors interested in working with UNICEF and whose products and services match UNICEF needs, can apply to UNICEF as potential vendors. All applications to become a vendor must be made via the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) website where UN Agencies' vendor rosters are conglomerated into one common vendor database.

To register, follow the simple registration instructions provided in the attachment to this email and also available in the UNGM website on:  Your company is requested to register in UNGM at ‘Basic Level’. In addition, you are also encouraged to register at ‘Level 1’ in order to provide the certificate of registration/incorporation.

Key benefits of registering in UNGM are:

  • Increased procurement opportunities for vendors by providing a platform where all UN Agencies tender opportunities are listed.
  • UNGM provides one common UN global procurement portal where upon registration, a vendor is able to access UN Agencies procurement information including business seminars, knowledge centre on UN procurement, UN procurement statistics etc.

Kindly note that UNICEF and the UN does not charge for UNGM registration.

Note: Only successful Bidder will be contacted for further arrangements.



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