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Turkmenistan integrates disaster risk reduction in educational curriculum

Starting this year, Turkmenistan plans to integrate disaster risk reduction (DRR) in teacher training institutions to increase resilience of children, families and communities to natural and man-made calamities. The mainstreaming process supported by UNICEF and the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO) commenced with developing a DRR course and pre- and in-service training courses for teachers.

The Ministry of Education, National Institute of Education, methodological centres, higher education institutions and colleges led the development of the course, which incorporates DRR best practices and is adapted to the education standards of the country. Now, as part of their professional development, teachers have an opportunity to increase their knowledge about disasters and associated risks through a thirty six-hour course of theoretical and practical training. The course introduces the DRR concept and highlights the importance of disaster risk management in the education sector and at schools. It also capacitates the teachers to raise awareness of schoolchildren on disaster risk reduction and foster their resilience.

In April this year, the National Institute of Education trained the first two cohorts of trainers who will replicate the DRR training nationwide for their peers through a network of methodological centres. Currently, the State Pedagogical Institute in Turkmenabad, eastern Turkmenistan, is testing the DRR course tailored to pre-service training of teachers and collecting feedback from students and professors. The full-fledged mainstreamed DRR course will be launched in the new academic year.

The Government of Turkmenistan and UNICEF partnership in disaster risk reduction goes beyond building the capacity of school educators. Under the DIPECHO IX initiative, UNICEF will provide support to the Government in the assessment of schools for safety with a creation of centralized School Management Information Systems. Knowledge on DRR will be further shared with pre-school specialists to have a wider coverage of children resilient to disasters.


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