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Activities for year 2013

1. RC includes Promise Renewed initiative into the UNCT agenda

2. Technical support to development of National MNCAH strategy for 2014-2018

3. TOT for country medical college teachers on innovative ICATT tool, IMCI and HIV paediatric care (January 2013)

4. Teachers of all 5 medical colleges trained in IMCI and HIV pediatric care using the ICATT training course (February, 2013)

5. Capacity building of 20 core staff of central and velayat vaccine stores on utilization of electronic temperature monitoring devices for transport and store temperature monitoring and supportive supervision for EVM (February – March, 2013). 

6. Participation of government officials in Regional Training Course on “Regional Training Course on Improving Quality of Care in Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health”, Trieste, Italy (May 15-23, 2013)

7. MOH specialists and experts participate at the Regional Workshop on Improving the Nutritional Quality of Complementary Foods for Children 6-23 months through Home Fortification in Central and Eastern Europe and Middle East and North Africa, Antalya, Turkey (May, 2013)

8. Lot Quality Acceptance Sampling (LQAS) Basics” course in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (1-6 July, 2013).

9. LQAS training conducted for MCH and Dashoguz velayat specialists, followed by LQAS survey in Dashoguz velayat (September, 2013)

10. EIS training in St-Petersburg, Russia (October, 2013)

11. Child Mortality Workshop, Improving National Capacity to Track Child Mortality Towards the Attainment of the MDGs” in Tbilisi, Georgia (16 - 18 October, 2013)

12. Developmental Pediatrics training in Ankara, Turkey (November 2013)

13. 35th Anniversary of the Alma-Ata Primary Health Care Declaration Conference, Almaty, Kazakhstan (November 6-7, 2013)

14. Training of 165 family nurses of PHC facilities of Turkmenabad town and Sakar etrap, ECD demonstration sites, on early childhood health and development in line with updated nursing training module (March, 2013)

15. 250 core staff including health managers countrywide developed skills in using the BABIES matrix (September – December, 2013)

16. 320 family nurses in 2 ECD model areas trained in child survival, early childhood development and wellbeing.

17. Round table on Home Visitation System Strengthening with participation of UNICEF technical experts and MOH specialists and local experts (December, 2013)

18. National MNCAH Strategy is drafted (December, 2013)

19. The Breastfeeding Promotion Law (2009) amended by the parliament in line with International Code

20. 5000 copies WHO growth monitoring charts printed for PHC facilities and ready for distribution (December, 2013)

21. 20,000 copies of the Facts for Life book adapted into Turkmen language is published and available to primary healthcare workers across the country



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