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Activities for year 2012

1. UNICEF CO efforts reflected in the government of Turkmenistan signing the pledge for Committing to Child Survival - A Promise Renewed.

2. Evaluation of National Safe Motherhood Program 2007-2011 is completed (September 2011 – February 2012)

3. Support to update of National PMTCT policy and development of new PMTCT protocol (April – July, 2012)

4. National Nutrition study and  development of evidence-based strategies on Vitamin A deficiency  and anaemia prevention (October 2011 – May 2012)

5. Participation at the Regional Home Visitation Conference in Ankara, Turkey (May, 2012)

6. TOT for university teachers and MCH researchers on ICATT course (June – July, 2012)

7. Training module for nurses in child survival, early childhood development and wellbeing is developed (August, 2013)

8. Development of electronic ICATT course on IMCI and HIV Paediatric care in Turkmen language (August 2011 – June 2012)

9. Home Visitation study conducted (August – December 2012)

10. Capacity building project in Ruhabat etrap on strengthening knowledge and skills of family nurses in ECD, child care and better parenting (August – September 2012)

11. Study tour to Belarus on Introduction to Child Care and Development systems (November 2012)

12. Technical support to cold chain system maintenance at the central and regional levels in line with international standards  and preparation for Effective Vaccine Management certification process (September – December  2012)



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