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Activities for year 2011

1. Participation of MOHMI representatives in Developmental Pediatrics Congress (April, 2011)

2. The “National Program of Turkmenistan on Early Childhood Development and Preparation of Children for Schooling for 2011-2015” is approved (May, 2011)

3. Building capacity  of key government partners in Nutrition area at Kazakh Academy of Nutrition  (May, 2011)

4. Participation of MOHMI representatives in regional seminar on Quality of Iodine laboratory testing in Almaty (June, 2011)

5. Participation of MOHMI specialists in Health Promotion seminar in Almaty (July, 2011)

6. Orientation workshop on early Childhood development, developmental pediatrics and early intervention conducted in Ahsgabat (August, 2011)

7. Participation of key MOHMI and Gallaonumleri officials in IAOM Conference in Florence, Italy (September, 2011)

8. The Government of Turkmenistan receives the leadership award from the International Flour Fortification Initiative (FFI) for the flour fortification program (September, 2011)

9. Adaptation of electronic ICATT course on IMCI and HIV Paediatric care in Turkmen language is initiated (August 2011)

10. Participation of MOHMI specialists in Regional workshop on HIV prevention (September, 2011)

11. Evaluation of National Safe Motherhood Program 2007-2011 (joint support of UNICEF, WHO and UNFPA)

12. National HIV prevention program is drafted with joint support of UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, WHO and UNODC

13. Successful implementation of  2 rounds of National Polio immunization campaigns

14. MCH Center receives capacity building and technical support in conducting National Vitamin A study

15. 30 specialists of Ahal and Mary perinatal Centers  improved their knowledge in breast feeding

16. 320 PHC workers of Balkan and Dashoguz velayats strengthened their capacity in the area of breast feeding and young child feeding

17. 155 specialists of Mary and Dashoguz velayats were trained in PMTCT principles and its application into the effective perinatal care

18. 36,000 sets of health education materials were printed and distributed in cooperation with National Health Information Center

19. 178 specialists were trained in epidemiological surveillance of mumps and rubella at velayat and etrap levels

20. 180 specialists were educated in safe immunization practices



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