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Primary school years

Turkmenistan Primary years
© UNICEF Turkmenistan/Alina Tolstyhina

An important priority for UNICEF worldwide is to ensure that every child completes quality primary school education.

Turkmenistan’s constitution guarantees free schooling for all children up to the age of 16. According to official statistics, overall enrolment is around 95 percent. The government with UNICEF is working to improve the quality of education.

It is a priority for the country to ensure that the system of education, including access to early childhood education and a strong curriculum, meets international standards.  Authorities work jointly with UNICEF on a number of initiatives, including supplying teaching materials to schools and strengthening teachers’ skills in the concept and practise of Child Friendly Schools and Active Learning methodologies.

To strengthen planning and policy for educational reform, there is an ongoing effort to collect and analyse reliable data pertaining to education, including school access, attendance and achievement.

The emphasis is also on improving pre-school enrolment, which is currently only 33,5%. There is a disparity among pre-school facilities in rural and urban areas with urban areas currently accounting for 81% and rural areas - 19%. The aim is to increase pre-school enrolment to 50% nationwide by 2015.



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