National Occupational Standard - Agricultural Intermediary

Agricultural Intermediary - Level 4

National Occupational Standard - Agricultural Visual


Developed by the Development Workshop Science Culture Training Research Implementation Production and Enterprise Cooperative assigned by the Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) in accordance with the provisions laid down in the Regulation on the Development of National Occupational Standards and National Qualifications published on Official Gazette No. 29507 of 19/10/2015, and the Regulation on the Establishment, Mission, Working Principles and Procedures of the Sector Committees under the Vocational Qualifications Authority published on Official Gazette No. 26713 of 27/11/2007, the National Occupational Standards for Agricultural Intermediaries (Level 4) were reviewed in light of the feedback from the relevant organizations and agencies operating in the sector, and they were approved by the Executive Board of the VQA after being examined by the VQA Agriculture, Hunting and Fishery Sector Committee.

Agricultural Intermediary Level 4 Visual
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