Oliver Bäte, Group CEO of Allianz Visits Earthquake-Affected Zone Alongside Allianz Türkiye CEO Tolga Gürkan and UNICEF

Oliver Bäte, Group CEO of Allianz, together with Tolga Gürkan, CEO of Allianz Türkiye, and Georg Graf Waldersee, Chairman of UNICEF Germany, embarked on a visit to Kahramanmaraş to witness the start of the new school year and the ongoing relief efforts

13 September 2023

As part of his visit to Allianz Türkiye, which is commemorating its centenary alongside the Republic, Oliver Bäte paid a visit to Kahramanmaraş, a region profoundly affected by the earthquakes earlier this year. In the aftermath of this calamity, the Allianz Group established a fund to bolster relief efforts in the affected areas, directing approximately 1 million euros to UNICEF to support the children affected by the disaster. On Tuesday, September 12th, Oliver Bäte visited the Şehit Fatih Gök Primary School, which commenced the new school year with UNICEF's support, and the Koç Umut Container area in Kahramanmaraş, where UNICEF has been actively engaged. He also visited UNICEF's "Birlikte (Together)" Children, Adolescent and Family Support hub in the city to witness the ongoing efforts firsthand.

Throughout the visit, Oliver Bäte was joined by Tolga Gürkan, CEO of Allianz Türkiye, and Georg Graf Waldersee, Chairman of UNICEF Germany. The delegation expressed their heartfelt condolences to the earthquake survivors in the area and had the chance to witness firsthand the psychosocial support initiatives for children that UNICEF, in collaboration with the Development Foundation of Türkiye (TKV), has been implementing.


In his address, Oliver Bäte, Group CEO of Allianz, underlined the crucial importance of solidarity, stating, "During this visit, I've observed the devastation caused by the February earthquake, juxtaposed with the restoration efforts we are undertaking with the help of our employees and partners. Following up from one of the largest relief support packages in Allianz's history, in which we contributed a total of 6 million euros, this visit has reassured me that we are genuinely fulfilling our mission and prioritizing what truly matters: helping the Turkish victims secure their future. Although the path to recovery may be long, our collaboration with UNICEF has proven to be invaluable, particularly for the upcoming generation of young individuals. We remain unwavering in our commitment to the people of Türkiye and all survivors as we collectively rebuild from the aftermath of the earthquake. As we all mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Türkiye and take great pride in the century-long journey of Allianz Türkiye, which began with Şark Sigorta, we do so with a deep understanding of how our people, and the promises we make to our customers, actually are at the heart of our business. Engaging with earthquake survivors and witnessing our support on the ground reinforces the pivotal role we play within this community.”


UNICEF has been working since day one to provide support to children and their families affected by the earthquakes across the 11 provinces of Türkiye. To date UNICEF has provided over 390,000 children with access to formal and non-formal education, including early childhood education and together with government and civil society partners, reached over 500,000 children and caregivers with mental health and psychosocial support through its 58 child, adolescent and family support hubs and spaces.

Commenting on the visit, Paolo Marchi, UNICEF Representative to Turkey a.i., said, "UNICEF warmly welcomes the support from Allianz. The cooperation with Allianz reinforced our efforts to provide children in earthquake-affected communities with the education and psychosocial support they need. Thank to generous funding from donors like Allianz, UNICEF and partners have been able to reach provide over 1,3  million children and their families with much needed humanitarian support.

Working with private sector organizations such as Allianz has allowed for genuine cross-pollination of ideas and initiatives, allowing for the rapid provision of solutions to the difficulties faced by children in the aftermath of the tragic earthquakes."

Tolga Gürkan, CEO of Allianz Türkiye, affirmed their unwavering support for earthquake relief efforts, stating, "Since the very onset of the earthquake, we have been steadfast in our support. Collaborating with Allianz Group, we have extended aid to numerous organizations, including UNICEF, with a great contribution to aid relief operations. In alignment with our responsibility to support future generations, we attach great significance to the healing process of children in the earthquake-stricken region, in partnership with UNICEF. This visit allowed us to witness the immense value of the ongoing efforts. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the dedicated aid teams who have been working tirelessly day and night for the past seven months."

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