Say Yes, Autumn 2007

The headline for this issue reads “Time to End Street Life”

Photograph courtesy of Özbilen Keskin © 2007

Changing role

UNICEF Representative Eddie McLoughney believes that UNICEF has contributed to improvements in children’s education and health during his six years in Turkey. Challenges, however, remain in areas like the quality of education, child protection and the reduction of disparities between children from different backgrounds and locations. Against this backdrop, Mr McLoughney argues that UNICEF can still play a significant, if changing, role.

Read Edmond McLoughney Looks Back — and Forward.

Still on the streets

The issue of children living and working on the street has been disturbing Turkish society for over a decade. Various organisations headed by the Social Services and Child Protection Agency (SHÇEK) have stepped up their activities to prevent it. Even so, social and economic changes continue to put many children at risk, and some of them are slipping the net. What more can we do?

Read Children on the Streets: A Mixed Response.

A voice for children?

Does the media report children’s views? What language is used to describe them? Are their rights respected, or are they simply exploited for the sake of a sensational story? Journalists participating in UNICEF–backed media training sessions are familiar wıth these issues. Now, future media professionals are to learn about them as part of their studies in Turkish universities.

Read Faculties to Foster a Child–friendly Media.

Spending on schools

A recent report revives the debate on the level of educational spending in Turkey compared to other countries. Relative to its GDP, Turkey is holding its own in spending per student in secondary education. In primary education, its performance is less impressive. Spending also needs to increase to keep pace with higher schooling ratios.

Read Educational Spending: Still Room for Improvement.

Cards and more

A string of religious and public holidays between now and New Year will boost sales of UNICEF cards and gifts. This is only one of the fund–raising activities undertaken by the UNICEF National Committee, which has just signed up TV presenter Tayfun Talipoğlu as a good will ambassador.

Read High Season for Fund–raising Efforts and A Letter from Tayfun Talipoğlu.

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