Puzzles: Finding Your Way Around

Even the hardest problems can be solved by approaching the solution in careful steps. The puzzles in this section can be quite tricky but they all have solutions and -- most importantly -- they’re all fun to try!

This maze is a good place to start. Use the Forward, Left and Right buttons to get to the Exit. You can read your position underneath. If you get really lost, look at the map for an idea of your position and direction in that part of the maze.

Tip: For a better view, press the ‘F11’ or fullscreen key on your keyboard. Pressing the same key again will restore the browser window. The maze puzzle may be viewed more comfortably if text-size is enlarged.

You can find more puzzles in the local menu on this page. Download the zip versions if you are planning to play them often.

Download the Maze zip file [Zip 27KB] and play it offline.

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