Programmes 2006–2010: Protection and Participation of Children and Adolescents

Improved Systems for the Care and Protection of Children

Three boys sitting on a wall

At least 42,000 children are estimated to be living or working on the streets in Turkey — although unofficial estimates range as high as 80,000.
Photograph by Rana Mullan © UNICEF Turkey 2006


Improved Systems of Care and Protection of Children focuses on preventing abuse and neglect of children where possible, especially among children coming into contact with the law and those who are living and/or working on the streets or who are otherwise growing up outside parental care.

Results achieved so far

  • The Juniper Programme, designed to increase the skills, attitudes and knowledge of prison staff and social workers on the care and protection of children over 12 years of age who have been deprived of their liberty has been established by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) as part of their in–service training.
  • A Child Justice Training Programme, increasing the skills, attitudes and knowledge of judiciary staff, including child and family judges and prosecutors, lawyers, police and gendarmerie officers and social workers working with children in contact with the law is currently being piloted.
  • A revised set of Minimum Standards of Care and Protection for Children Living Outside of Parental Care — such as those living in orphanages, boarding schools, prisons, detention centres and foster care — has been developed in line with international norms and is pending approval.
  • Action plans for eight cities to protect and preferably prevent children from engaging in street life have been developed and are currently being implemented.

Project Partners

MOJ, the Social Services and Child Protection Agency (SHÇEK), the Ministry of Interior (MOI), the Justice Academy, the Turkish Bar Association, international non–governmental organisations (NGOs) specialising in children’s rights, the International Labour Organisation (ILO), and the Council of Europe, EU and the British Council.

Development and Participation of Adolescents

Hazal Hürman at the Turkish Parliament

A campaign to promote the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) was launched in Parliament on International Children’s Day, 20th November 2006, by delegates to the Seventh Children’s Forum.
Photograph by Rana Mullan © UNICEF Turkey 2006


Development and Participation of Adolescents seeks to provide improved knowledge and life skills to children and adolescents throughout Turkey.

Results achieved so far

  • A gender sensitive Life Skills Based Education and Training Programme and peer–led implementation model to increase the skills, attitudes and knowledge of adolescents both within and without the school environment has been developed and is being piloted.
  • A gender sensitive and adolescent–friendly version of the My Family parenting education and training programme, which aims to increase the knowledge, skills and attitudes of families with children between seven and eighteen years of age has been established.

Project Partners

The Ministry of National Education (MONE), MOJ, SHÇEK, local NGOs, EU, the media, child–led Provincial Children’s Rights Committees, adolescents and their families.

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