Mother and Child Nutrition Activities 2001–2005

Note: Pages in this section have been stored solely for archiving purposes. Information contained here refers to the 2001–2005 CPAP. Follow this link for current details about UNICEF programmes in Turkey.

Photograph by Rana Mullan © UNICEF Turkey 2003

Poor nutrition in early childhood causes many problems in a child’s growth and development.
Photograph by Rana Mullan
© UNICEF Turkey 2003


Nutritional problems typical of both the developing and developed countries can be observed in children and adults throughout Turkey. Problems deriving from poor nutrion and malnourishment contribute to high IMR and U5MR. Many children suffer arrested growth and other delays in their development as a result.

In order to address the problem of poor nutrition, a National Food and Nutrition Plan of Action is being developed for implementation by all sectors which will target children below the age of six, pregnant and lactating women and women of child-bearing age.

The Action Plan will achieve this through:

  • a nutritional health survey designed to identify the current situation;
  • a situation analysis identifying policies not included;
  • development and implementation of an intersectoral food and nutrition policy.

It is expected that Turkish women and children will benefit from improved nutrition awareness and dietary practices and that nutritional deficiencies in Turkish children will be reduced by a third.

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