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Catch-Up Education - Best Practices Conference held in Sabancı University

Panel discussion at the Conference

The Catch up Education programme aims to help out-of school girls and boys aged 10-14 by a condensed curriculum and prepare them to reenter formal schooling with necessary credentials.

Catch-up education teams from different parts of Turkey got together and shared their experiences in Istanbul at the Sabancı University 7th Best Practices in Education Meeting held during 17-18 April 2010 with a special focus on inclusive education.

Ahmet Murat Altuğ, Ministry of National Education Deputy General Director of Primary Education, underlined that primary education is a basic human right and an obligation for the State. He ended his speech by saying, “If a child is not in school, he or she may be the offender or victim of a crime. However, we do not have even one child to lose. Every child we have won back into the education system is a major achievement for us while every child we could not reach is our shame.”

UNICEF Education Section Director Fatma Özdemir Uluç emphasized that girls’ education issue is more than a simple education problem but that of a gender inequality issue and stated that “catch up education is giving their right back to children.” Fatma Özdemir Uluç argued that sharing of experiences has been important throughout the Catch up Education programme and provide an opportunity to learn about different strategies used or different approaches in the field.

Participants listening to presentations during the Catch-Up Education Meeting

Toplantı süresince faklı illerden gelen uygulayıcılar, farklı YSÖP uygulamalarını, aileleri ikna çalışmalarını ve öğrencileri eğitime kazandırma konusundaki çalışmalarını anlattılar. Paylaşılan farklı ve yenilikçi uygulamalar arasında ikna ekiplerine çocukların da katılması ve adres bilgilerini çocuklardan alma gibi farklı yaklaşımlar da tartışıldı.

During the meeting, implementers from different regions discussed different Catch up Education implementation procedures, persuasion talks with families, and their struggle to integrate children into the education system. During the meeting, participants also shared the materials thay have produced for the Catch Up education programme at the stands they set up. Including children into the family persuasion teams and getting address information direclty from children were among the different straegies used by implementers.

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