Press Centre 2008/05/29: Child Protection

State Minister Nimet Çubukçu thanks UNICEF

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Towards Good Governance,
Justice and Protection
for Children in Turkey

Turkish State Ministry

Dear Reza Hossaini,

It was a great pleasure to receive your letter wherein you wished for our continued cooperation in building a better world for our children — as we have done in the past and which we will continue to do in the future.

I believe that the Towards Good Governance, Protection and Justice for Children in Turkey project will bring our children a brighter future and that it is a further step to ensure that their rights are fully implemented.

Our capacity to look to the future with trust is closely related to the opportunities we provide for our children. However, in order to improve these oportunities and benefit from them, it is of utmost importance that adults and children alike know about children’s rights. Since the project is a step towards strengthening the protective environment for children, I believe that it will help contribute significantly to our future work by reaching thousands of our children and professionals working with children and their families.

In the meantime, I would personally like to thank again the valuable staff of UNICEF as the primary advocator of child rights in the world, and wish you every success in working together on future projects.

With best regards,

Nimet Çubukçu
State Minister

For more information about the closing ceremony:

Sema Hosta, UNICEF Turkey Communications Officer:
+90 (0)312 454 1000, Cell: 0533 622 8346

For more information and resources related to the project, see the Children First Information Resources page.

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