UNICEF Türkiye Temsilciliği: Açık Pozisyonlar

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Vacancy for Salt Situation Analysis Consultant

UNICEF is seeking a consultant to analyze the situation of salt iodisation in Turkey. The assignment includes:

  • Review of key factors related to iodised salt including: production, supply, demand, sales and distribution;
  • Identification of gaps and formulation of recommendations to increase the availability of iodised salt in areas of low consumption.

The consultant would be expected to have:

  • Relevant training and work experience in the food and/or salt industry and/or public health sector;
  • Expertise in quantitative and qualitative research and in the preparation of analytical reports;
  • Fluency in Turkish and English;
  • Ability and willingness to travel around the country.

The duration of the consultancy will befrom 11 July until 12 September 2005.

In order to apply:

Applications should be sent to PO. Box 17, Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey, by 1 July 2005.

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