Improving Educational Opportunities for Girls (7)

Schools can …

  • strengthen school-community links by supporting parenting programmes and encouraging the formation of school boards and parent associations;
  • develop regulations dealing with inappropriate behaviour towards girls;
  • ensure that the school is safe for girls;
  • provide an adequate number of sanitary latrines;
  • ensure that girls have the same opportunity as boys to receive textbooks and other instructional materials;
  • ensure that school chores are equitably assigned to both boys and girls.

Teachers can …

  • encourage girls to become more actively engaged in classroom learning activities;
  • provide positive reinforcement to girls when they give correct answers;
  • develop classroom rules that promote respect for both boys and girls;
  • ensure that boys and girls have an equitable assignment of chores in the classroom;
  • provide textbooks and other instructional materials to girls;
  • create study and discussion groups for girls to help them with homework and daily issues;
  • assign leadership roles to girls as well as boys;
  • refrain from using personal rebukes when correcting or punishing students.

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