Improving Educational Opportunities for Girls (6)

The Media can …

  • provide radio and television spots that heighten awareness about the needs for girls’ education and repeat the slogan, goal and vision statement periodically throughout the day;
  • produce a documentary about the factors that influence a girl’s education and identify ways that different groups (parents, business people, politicians) can provide support;
  • write a series of editorials about girls’ education;
  • produce a television series or soap opera that focuses on girls’ education in rural and urban areas and discusses different issues each week that girls face (extra work, harassment, discrimination, expectations);
  • sponsor fundraising campaigns in which donors are identified and the common goal is highlighted each day/week;
  • produce a weekly radio programme that highlights what different schools are doing to promote girls’ education and acts as a catalyst to advance school-level initiatives.

Well-known Personalities can …

  • give musical performances to raise resources for girls’ education;
  • become spokespersons to different groups (e.g., unions, civic clubs) and in the media to advocate for girls’ education;
  • donate art for public fundraising auctions;
  • perform promotional spots to promote girls’ education;
  • conduct school visits and serve as role models.

Read what Schools and Teachers can do …

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