Improving Educational Opportunities for Girls (5)

Non-governmental Organisations can …

  • conduct social marketing campaigns to inform the community about the benefits of educating girls and to learn more about why not all girls go to school;
  • provide role models and mentoring programmes;
  • introduce alternative learning programmes such as community schools, schools-of-second chance, evening classes, and other programmes that are responsive to the learning needs of many girls;
  • use participatory exercises to determine why school-age children, particularly girls, are not in school and propose actions to overcome the constraints;
  • introduce labour-saving technologies to free up girls’ time;
  • pay for advertising (e.g., billboards, newspaper advertisements) with a slogan that represents the goal and vision of girls’ education (e.g. little by little we will go far).

Read what the Media and well-known personalities can do …

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