Improving Educational Opportunities for Girls (4)

Business Communities can …

  • sponsor school-level competitions that encourage improved access, participation and persistence for girls;
  • develop community-based child care programmes;
  • support community-based maintenance programmes to improve routes that girls use to walk to school;
  • build latrines and other infrastructural improvements at schools;
  • sponsor community-based programmes on how parents can support their daughters’ education;
  • develop programmes to provide library books, sports equipment, exercise books, pencils and other supplies to schools;
  • sponsor scholarship programmes for girls;
  • pay for advertising (e.g., billboards, newspaper advertisements) with a slogan that represents the goal and vision of girls’ education (e.g. little by little we will go far);
  • encourage and sponsor employees and staff to become involved in efforts to promote girls’ education;
  • provide experts to work with the ministry and schools to improve the curriculum, instruction and training;
  • place the slogan on their company vehicles (… supports girls’ education);
  • sponsor coupon books that can be sold to raise funds for girls’ education -- (e.g. companies/businesses offer coupons for services at a reduced rate for the people who purchase the coupon books);
  • assist in the development of labour-saving technologies at the community level.

Local Communities can …

  • establish community-based child care programmes to free girls from the responsibility of caring for younger siblings;
  • ensure that routes children use to walk to school are safe and well-maintained;
  • assign chaperones to accompany girls to school;
  • use participatory exercises to determine why school-age children, particularly girls, are not in school and propose actions to overcome constraints;
  • introduce labour-saving technologies to free up girls’ time;
  • ensure that the school is secure for girls;
  • provide adequate and sanitary latrines;
  • install a birth registration programme to keep track of school-age girls.

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