Improving Educational Opportunities for Girls (3)

Religious Communities can …

  • specify and publicise how religious teachings support girls’ education;
  • conduct community-based dialogues and form planning committees to discuss ways to sponsor girls’ education in their area;
  • sponsor or take part in a symposium that brings different religious leaders and groups together to discuss girls’ education and the role and actions that religion plays in encouraging or discouraging girls’ schooling;
  • develop community-based child care programmes to free girls from childcare responsibilities;
  • sponsor parenting programmes that promote encouragement of girl children;
  • develop community-based maintenance programmes to improve routes that girls use to walk to school;
  • collaborate with communities to build latrines and promote girls’ safety;
  • write a series of editorials about girls’ education;
  • speak publically in support of girls’ education at conferences, religious seminars and meetings and in community forums;
  • promote girls’ education on radio and television.

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