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Photograph by Rana Mullan © UNICEF Turkey 2002

Girl waiting, Paslıkaya, Hatay.
Photograph by Rana Mullan
© UNICEF Turkey 2002

Throughout this web site we have included lists of links related to the subject of any given page.

Choose the ‘Links’ section of the menu at the foot of the page to open the appropriate reference section.

The Useful Links menu lists all of the available links pages by category.

The same menu is available on all subsequent links pages.

All hyperlinks on the UNICEF Turkey website, whether internal or external, will open in the same window. You can return to your place on this site using the ‘Back’ button. However, since the ‘Back’ link can sometimes be broken, we strongly recommend that you bookmark your place on this site before following any external links.

Please note that these links are listed as a general directory for your convenience only. While we have taken care to ensure that the links are fully functioning, UNICEF Turkey is not responsible for changes of content or links which have subsequently been broken.

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