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01 June 2010: Statement by UNICEF Executive Director, Anthony Lake, on the case of Guantanamo Bay detainee, Omar Khadr

01 June 2010: Joint Statement of Robert Serry, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and Filippo Grandi, Commissioner-General of the UN Relief and Works Agency

01 June 2010: UNICEF çocukların asker olarak kullanılmalarını şiddetle kınamaktadır


01 May 2010: Anthony Lake begins his tenure as UNICEF's Executive Director


29 April 2010: Preventing Violence Against Children And Protecting Children: The Need For A National Strategy.

23 April 2010: UNICEF Celebrates the Children’s Day of All Children

19 April 2010: Catch-Up Education - Best Practices Conference held in Sabancı University

16 April 2010: Equal Opportunities and Gender Equality: Experiences in Italy and Turkey

09 April 2010: A new preschool in Ortaköy-Mardin with the contributions of Donor Mualla Edgü!

07 April 2010: UNICEF Executive Director, Ann Veneman launches Facts for Life, a guide for healthy childhood


25 March 2010: Parenting Education Campaign Kicks Off

19 March 2010: Good News for Children Trowing Stones

15 March 2010: Earthquake in Elazığ and Impact on Children

12 March 2010: Türkan Şoray, the Sultan of Turkish cinema is the good will ambassador for UNICEF-Turkey

8 March 2010: Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman on International Women’s Day


25 February 2010: Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman on the death of Professor Ihsan Dogramaci

17th February, 2010: Prof. Dr. Besim Üstünel Independent Preschool opened in Istanbul Silivri

9th February, 2010: Global consultation on Gender Equality in Istanbul



19th November, 2009: UNICEF’s State of The World’s Children report commemorates 20 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

19th November, 2009: 20 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

19th November, 2009: Turkish Parliament launches State of the World’s Children report and Child Rights Monitoring website
Children to help monitor child rights - via the web

06 November, 2009: Turkish universities champion child rights
More countries expected to follow in promoting responsible news reporting of children


06 October 2009: UNICEF: Without a protective environment, it’s a harsh life for children


29 September 2009 (2): Economic Crisis Affecting The Welfare of Families in Turkey

29 September 2009 (1): The Economic Crisis And The Welfare of Families: Results From Five Urban Centers in Tukey

24 September 2009: The Right to Quality Education and Child Friendly Schools for All Children

10 September 2009: UNICEF on alert after Istanbul flood


12 June 2009: UNICEF supports expansion of preschool education in Turkey

12 June 2009: World Day Against Child Labour Marks the Need to Tackle the Worst Forms of Exploitation


12 May 2009: Facts on Swine Flu


27 April 2009: Ankara hosts international symposium on children in conflict with the law

09 April 2009: Turkish universities set standard by championing child rights in new syllabus


22 March 2009: Children speak about evaporating water supplies


13 February 2009: Turkish universities are advocating for child rights

10 February 2009: More Turkish Children Get New School Building Thanks to UNICEF Campaign


27 January 2009: UNICEF Appeals for just over $1 billion to help children and women suffering in emergencies

15 January 2009 (2): UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children 2009 Report Launched in Ankara

15 January 2009 (1): UNICEF: Extreme Risks for Pregnant Women and Newborn Babies in Developing Countries

14 January 2009: Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman regarding the humanitarian situation in Gaza

08 January 2009: Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman regarding the humanitarian operation in Gaza

05 January 2009 (2): UNICEF delivers supplies for children suffering as a result of critical shortages of food, fuel and medicine in Gaza

05 January 2009 (1): UNICEF Statement on the crisis in Gaza

04 January 2009: Gaza Flash Appeal



04 December 2008: Global Measles Deaths Drop by 74%

01 December 2008: Early HIV testing and treatment can save newborn lives, new U.N. report released on World AIDS Day states


28 November 2008: World Congress Against the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents comes to a close in Brazil

27 November 2008: Adolescents from around the world converge on Rio de Janeiro to participate in the World Congress III Against Sexual Exploitation of Children

25 November 2008: World gathers in Brazil to reinvigorate fight against sexual exploitation of children

20 November 2008 (2): Turkey’s Parliament sets up Child Rights Monitoring Committee

20 November 2008 (1): On Universal Children’s Day, UNICEF welcomes new initiative to aid children affected by conflict


31 October 2008: Enthusiastic launch for EU–funded child protection project

15 October 2008: In the fight to save children’s lives, washing hands takes centre stage.


19 September 2008 (1): Uniting force of basketball, Memo in new link with UNICEF.

19 September 2008 (2): Report highlights risk of maternal mortality in developing world.

16 September 2008: UNICEF announces nominees for this year’s International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) Awards.

12 September 2008: Releasing declining numbers for child mortality, UNICEF calls for increased efforts to save children’s lives.


28 August 2008: UNICEF Regional Director visits displaced women and children in Georgia

22 August 2008: UNICEF voiced its concern over the situation of nearly 40,000 children affected by the conflict in Georgia.

01 August 2008: Supporting mothers to breastfeed will improve children’s chances of survival.


10 July 2008: Young people from Group of 8 (G8) industrialised nations and from the developing world met with the G8 leaders in Toyako, Japan on 7th July to present their recommendations as part of the Junior 8 (J8) Summit. Sciences.


10 June 2008: UNICEF Egypt is organising an international conference on Child Poverty and Disparities: Public Policies for Social Justice within the framework of the First International Forum for the Developing Countries Think Tanks.

04 June 2008: A campaign has been launched in Turkey to eliminate the negative consequences of insufficient iodine intake.


29 May 2008: State Minister Nimet Çubukçu thanks UNICEF

16 May 2008: The closing ceremony of the first phase of the EU–backed project was marked by frank personal statements from project beneficiaries.

13 May 2008: UNICEF China is deeply concerned that large numbers of children could be affected by a major earthquake in Sichuan Province.

08 May 2008 (1): The closing ceremony of the first phase of Towards Good Governance, Justice and Protection for Children in Turkey, the Government’s multi–sectoral project, which is funded by the EU and implemented with the technical support of UNICEF will take place from 14:00 to 16:00 on the 14th of May at the Dedeman Hotel, Ankara.

08 May 2008 (2): The nation–wide telethon broadcast on the 23rd of April raised more than one million lira to fund more pre–schools in the most needy areas of Turkey. Running under the We’re Adding Pre–schools! slogan, the telethon campaign is another remarkable result of the successful partnership between the Turkish National Committee for UNICEF and the national broadcaster NTV.

08 May 2008 (3): Some 130 UNICEF technical and operations staff continued to travel to the areas affected by Cyclone Nargis today, identifying the greatest threats to children and women and delivering much–needed supplies.


18 April 2008 (1): The More Schools! campaign was launched last year by the Turkish National Committee for UNICEF and NTV. This year on April 23rd NTV and the Turkish National Committee for UNICEF will add a new stage to the campaign with full–day telethon supported by a host of surprise guests. The aim is raise funds to set up new preschools in 13 provinces. Donations will be accepted via the Turkish National Committee for UNICEF, SMS and live phone–ins to NTV on special hotlines that will run throughout the broadcast.

18 April 2008 (2): As the Turkish National Committee for UNICEF we have made many important contributions to the education system in Turkey, especially in recent years. Hundreds of thousands of chidren who were not previously attending school are enrolled in the education system now thanks to the Haydi Kızlar Okula! girls’ education campaign. During last year’s More Schools! campaign, which we launched with the NTV channel, we promised to build 100 classrooms in the most needy regions of Turkey. Happily, we have exceeded that goal with the current total of 150 classrooms.


29 January 2008: UNICEF’s flagship report, The State of the World’s Children 2008, was launched at a press conference in Ankara on January 23, coinciding with similar events taking place in all parts of the globe.



25 September 2007: UNICEF has announced the nominees for the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) Award, co–presented yearly by UNICEF and The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

24 September 2007: New figures show solid progress on child survival, including a decline in the annual number of under–five deaths, according to UNICEF. Global child deaths have reached a record low of 9.7 million, down from almost 13 million in 1990.


02 July 2007: UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman concluded a four–day visit to Turkey in late June that included two international conferences, a meeting with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and discussions with Turkish children, parents, academics and NGOs.


08 May 2007 The joint UNICEF–NTV More Schools! campaign has already surpassed the target of 100 new classrooms. The total of contributions raised through SMS and direct donations so far is enough to build 121 new prefabricated classrooms.


23 April 2007 According to the UNICEF report on Eliminating Child Poverty which you are reading about first in Yeni Aktüel, the state of children in Turkey is unfortunately not as bright as the celebrations on April 23rd, the 83rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, should imply.

12 April 2007 Under the Haydi Kızlar Okula! girls’ education campaign, UNICEF and NTV are aiming to build 100 additional schools for 10,000 extra students all over Turkey with the help of the people of Turkey.


22 January 2007: In the shadow of Mount Ararat, a father in eastern Turkey is trying to recover from the death of his 16-year-old daughter, Fatma. A year after Fatma died from avian influenza, Mehmet Emin Özcan is still dazed and refuses to believe the doctors who suggest that she became ill after handling an infected duck in the family’s kitchen.

16 January 2007: Professor İhsan Doğramacı, Honorary President of the Turkish National Committee for UNICEF, writes about his involvement with the organisation over its sixty-year history.



17 November 2006: Dr. Nafis Sadik, one of three special envoys of the UN Secretary General for HIV/AIDS, visited Turkey on 14-15 November 2006.

9 November 2006 (1): The Minister of National Education, Dr Hüseyin Çelik, unveiled six new television advertisements and other materials targeting violence in the education environment at a press conference in the East Anatolian provincial centre of Elazığ on October 13.

9 November 2006 (2): Fortifying flour with essential vitamins and minerals would greatly reduce maternal mortality, birth defects such as spina bifida, and protect the brain, blood and muscle tissue of children and women, said UNICEF, ahead of a meeting of the flour milling industry in İstanbul.


10 August 2006: Ankara -- Once again we are witnessing how children pay the price of war. Of those who have lost their lives or have been wounded since the commencement of hostilities in the Lebanon, one in three are children.


13 July 2006 (1) UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Mr. Kul Gautam has poured lavish praise on Turkey’s recent efforts to improve the lot of children and women, but at the same time cautioned that there is still much to be done.

13 July 2006 (2) Best friends Nergiz (12) and Hanım (13) have come to school to meet us, willingly interrupting their summer break.

13 July 2006 (3) This is a good school. It’s better than the others, one young teenager confided in me as we crossed the yard, surrounded by bright childish murals of balloons, animals and flowers.


13 June 2006: The Third Intergovernmental Conference on Making Europe and Central Asia Fit for Children.


18 May: The Government of Turkey hosts a conference on Child Poverty with the support of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on 12-13 June 2006.


19 April (1): Turkey’s Ministry of National Education and UNICEF launch drive to eradicate violence from school

19th April (2): A series of seven seminars designed to assess awareness of children’s rights amongst journalists, lawyers and academics and to promote ethical reporting about children and children’s issues were conducted in the provinces of Adana, Ankara, Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Kocaeli, Muğla, and Samsun.


2 February (1) Sumru Kutlu, a senior programme assistant from the UNICEF office, is trying to find out how much these women know about how to protect themselves and their families.

2 February (2): Selami developed a slight cough and a temperature on January 6 this year while staying with his grandfather’s family in a village some 80 kilometres east of the city.


23 January 2006: The total number of human cases confirmed to have been infected by the H5N1 strain of avian influenza or ‘bird flu’ in Turkey remains unchanged at 21. Four people have died from infection to date -- all of them children.

19 January 2006: An EU-financed project Towards Good Governance, Protection and Justice for Children in Turkey or Children First was launched on 20th January 2006 at the Hilton Hotel, Ankara.



14 July 2005: An amendment jointly introduced to the Salt Communiqué by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture has banned direct marketing of non-iodised table salt to consumers.


22 June 2005: Almost US$22 billion will be needed in 2008 to reverse spread of AIDS in the developing world, according to latest estimates.

17 June 2005 (1): More than 225 participants including representatives from five different ministries, parliamentarians, governors, mayors, NGOs, academicians, the media and children met to reaffirm their commitment to protecting the rights of street children during a conference between on the 16th and 17th of June at the Princess Hotel.

17 June 2005 (2): The State Minister for Women’s and Children’s Issues Çubukçu and the Minister of the Interior Abdülkadir Aksu have announced that specific steps are to be taken for the care of street children. The Ministers said that the problem will be addressed in cooperation with non-governmental organisations.

17 June 2005 (3): The State Minister Responsible for Women’s and Children’s Issues, the Minister of National Education, the Minister of Health, the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Justice have set up a joint commission to develop a new model of child protection.

13 June 2005: During a reception at the Swedish Embassy the Princess presented a donation from Swedish businessmen in Turkey to the UNICEF Representative in Turkey, Edmond McLoughney.

06 June 2005: Despite encouraging signs that the AIDS epidemic is beginning to be contained in a small but growing number of countries, the epidemic continues to expand worldwide, according to a report released by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.


13 May 2005: UNICEF’s Regional Director congratulates Milliyet for the right emphasis in its ‘Daddy send me to school’ campaign.

12 May 2005 (1): UNICEF’s latest Progress for Children report shows the world’s impressive gains towards gender parity in primary education.

12 May 2005 (2): Girls’ education offers the best return on state investment, says the latest Progress for Children report from UNICEF.

2 May 2005: Ann M Veneman, former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, assumed the leadership of UNICEF today, becoming the fifth Executive Director to lead the UN children’s agency in its 60-year history.


29 April 2005: UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy completes her ten-year tenure with UNICEF this week, bestowing to her successor a legacy focused not only on child survival, but on protecting children from exploitation and abuse and ensuring their well-being through adolescence.

27 April 2005: Having set a national target to achieve a high level of immunity in the population and eliminate measles by 2010, Turkey is intensifying its efforts and conducting a one-time ‘catch-up campaign’ targeting children aged between 9 months and 14 years.

26 April 2005: Journalist, Lynn Levine writes about her experience on the road with the Haydi Kızlar Okula! campaign for girls’ education.

4 April 2005: The Haydi Kızlar Okula! and 100% Support for Education campaigns have begun to yield results. Since 2003, 9,294 new classrooms have been phased-in and thousands of schools have been restored.


14 January 2005: İstanbul -- Tarkan leads the call for aid in a television spot prepared by UNICEF for the Southeast Asia earthquake and tsunami appeal.

13 January 2005: As Turkey lags behind in worldwide aid to disaster stricken Southeastern Asia, students who lived through the Marmara earthquakes have launched an aid campaign to collect pocket money. (Milliyet Newspaper)

4 January 2005: Jakarta, Indonesia -- Two days ahead of a global conference here to coordinate aid for the countries devastated by tsunamis, UNICEF today proposed four fundamental priorities for children that the agency said are essential to the overall success of the relief effort.



31 December 2004: The Indian Ocean Disaster -- UNICEF warns that over one million children’s lives are at risk.

10 December 2004 (1): UNICEF’s flagship report, The State of the World’s Children 2005 Childhood Under Threat is launched in Turkey.

10 December 2004 (2): Mrs Emine Erdoğan speaks at the launch of the State of the World’s Children 2005 Report in Ankara, Turkey.

10 December 2004 (3): At the launch of the State of the World’s Children 2005 report in Turkey, panellists Cansu Aydın, Ramazan Etyemez, Canser Karadaş and Zeynep Koç discuss the issue of ‘Childhood Under Threat’ in the Turkish context.


4 September 2004: Head of Religious Affairs, Ali Bardakoğlu calls for imams to include the issue of girls’ education in their sermons.

3 September 2004: The Haydi Kızlar Okula! campaign to increase enrolment rates for girls in primary education gains momentum in the eastern and south-eastern regions.


24 August 2004: Governor Temel Koçaklar underlined the success achieved in getting girls into school in Mardin through the Haydi Kızlar Okula! campaign.

21 August 2004 (1): In a survey launched under the UNICEF campaign to support girls’ education, it was found that 4,068 girls in İzmir and its vicinity were not enrolled at school for various reasons.

21 August 2004 (2): The Governorate of İzmir launched a campaign to ensure girls’ primary school enrolment by changing the attitude of their parents.

19 August 2004: Twenty-five committed teachers in Bingöl went without their summer holidays in order to meet parents who were not sending their daughters to school and help change their minds.


14 July 2004: Turkey’s latest Demographic and Health Survey (TDHS) presents good news about the state of Mother and Child Health at the beginning of the 21st century.

13 July 2004: As the 15th International AIDS Conference begins in Bangkok, a USAID, UNAIDS and UNICEF biennial report points the fact that numbers of orphans would be falling globally if it were not for AIDS.

1 July 2004: Sabah newspaper reports from the province of Siirt where both the education system and the economy are is undergoing revolutionary changes.


22 June 2004: One of the most dangerous and unfortunate consequences of social transformation in a developing country is child labour.
(Turkish Daily News)

2 June 2004 (1): The Haydi Kızlar Okula! campaign was nothing short of a fortunate event for the children of the Toprak family in Altındağ who were out of school for lack of funds.
(Sabah Newspaper)

2 June 2004 (2): Minister of Education, Dr Hüseyin Çelik says that ‘positive discrimination’ in favour of females is necessary in the field of education in order to close the existing gap.
(Posta Newspaper)

1 June 2004 (1): Haydi Kızlar Okula! -- UNICEF and the Ministry of National Education’s campaign to achieve gender parity in primary education -- enters the second phase with a declaration of support from the Governors of the thirty-three provinces where the campaign is currently active.

1 June 2004 (2): Mrs Emine Erdoğan: “Let’s fight the ignorance that sees women as second class citizens!”
(Zaman Newspaper)

1 June 2004 (3): Four female teachers in Van are today no less than ‘angels’ in the eyes of the village they are serving and the children they are teaching.
(Sabah Newspaper)


24 March 2004: A steady improvement in breastfeeding pactices is reported in Turkey.



18 December 2003: Seven million children have been reached in the ten days since the measles immunisation campaign was launched on December 8th.

17 December 2003: UNICEF’s annual report The State of the World’s Children 2004 Girls, Education and Development was introduced to the press on December 16th.

9 December 2003: Iran and Turkey have launched the largest and most ambitious measles campaigns in the world, reaching a combined total of 53 million people over the next year.


19 November 2003: The United Nations is to terminate its administration of the Oil for Food Programme in Iraq on the 21st of November, 2003.


7 October 2003 (1): ‘Exclusive Breastfeeding During the First Six Months of Life’ for healthier Infants.

7 October 2003 (2): UNICEF and FIFA join with children to celebrate ‘Global Children’s Football Day’.


26 September 2003: The United Nations system supports the Ministry of Education’s (MONE) stand on HIV/AIDS.

22 September 2003: UNICEF chief urges United Nations General Assembly to focus on children and young people in deliberations on HIV/AIDS.


19 August 2003: UNICEF expressed deep sorrow at the deaths of United Nations staff members today, including one of its own, in the blast at United Nations headquarters in Baghdad.


17th June 2003 (1): Haydi Kızlar Okula! the campaign for girls’ education launched by UNICEF and The Turkish Ministry of National Education today aims to have every girl in school by 2005.

17th June 2003 (2): Statement by Carol Bellamy on the launch of the Haydi Kızlar Okula! the campaign for girls’ education.

16th June 2003 (1): UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy joined civil society representatives from 27 countries at the launch of a major regional campaign to Leave No Child Out.

16th June 2003 (2): Statement by Carol Bellamy on the launch of the Leave No Child Out campaign.


8th May 2003: A year after the United Nations Special Session on Children (UNSSC), UNICEF warns that goals agreed to by all nations are slow to take hold.

4th May 2003: Bingöl, Eastern Turkey, 1st May: in the aftermath of an earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter Scale (RS), UNICEF launches a flash appeal for US$450,000 to aid recovery.


9th April 2003: UNICEF warns of worsening state of Iraqi children -- urges warring parties to ensure secure humanitarian access to children under siege

6th April 2003: UNICEF concerned about Iraqi children -- statement attributable to UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy

4th April 2003: UNICEF says protecting children is key to their health -- abuse and exploitation do lasting damage to healthy development


28th March 2003: UNICEF seeks US$166 million to help Iraq’s children -- part of a larger UN humanitarian appeal

19th March 2003: Despite efforts to strengthen Iraq’s children, UNICEF says the outlook is difficult

11th March 2003: Will they survive the war? -- UNICEF racing to bolster the strength of 400,000 malnourished children in Iraq

7th March 2003: Every day, 1,400 girls and women die giving birth -- on Women’s Day, UNICEF says lack of progress is shameful

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