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Two secondary schoolgirls

Adolescent Health and Development

Adolescence presents particular challenges to a child’s survival: roughly 50% of all new HIV infections worldwide are teenagers, for instance.

HIV/AIDS is spreading rapidly throughout the CEE/CIS region where Turkey is a major tourist destination and the population -- particularly adolescents -- is at risk. UNICEF is working to raise awareness of the epidemic amongst Turkey’s teenagers and young people.

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Exclusive Breastfeeding during the First Six Months logo © UNICEF Turkey 2003


Exclusive breastfeeding is the only food and drink necessary to nourish an infant during the first six months -- even water is not usually needed during this period.

The drive to give newborns the best start in life with exclusive breastfeeding during the first six months is especially important in Turkey where the annual birth rate is one of the highest in the CEE/CIS region.

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Two infant boys

Children’s Rights

Every child -- regardless of where they are born, the race or ethnic group they belong to, whether they are a boy or girl, rich or poor -- must have a full opportunity to become a productive member of society and must have the right to speak up and be heard.

In Turkey, as elsewhere in the world, UNICEF continues to prioritise the promotion and support children’s rights.

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Children’s Rights Syllabus

Five Turkish universities are leading the way in European journalism studies by introducing a new child rights syllabus into their degrees.

Those studying the syllabus earn credit points recognized within European Union universities. Already, a second wave of universities in eastern European countries has expressed interest in teaching this syllabus and it is hoped the experiences gleaned in Turkey will further refine this exciting development in developing the ethics and standards of journalism.

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A boy working in a vehicle-shop

Child Protection

According to the ILO, an estimated 246 million children are engaged in child labour. There are also those children without primary caregivers who are deprived of their first source of protection. And there are the children living and/or working on the streets who are vulnerable to all kinds of abuse -- numbers of which are increasing in Turkey.

Although Turkey was one of the first countries to initiate a programme against child labour in 1992, UNICEF is concerned that the issue continues to be a problem.

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A woman waits for news of survivors following the earthquake in Bingöl, May 2003

Emergencies and Disasters

Children and women, especially vulnerable to injury and trauma in disaster or emergency situations, require special care and attention during such upheavals and UNICEF is always there -- both during and after such critical times.

Turkey is prone to earthquakes -- since 1950 there have been 19 earthquakes in Turkey measuring over 7 on the Richter Scale (RS).

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An infant girl adopting a thoughtful pose

General Information

News and articles on issues affecting UNICEF activities in support of Children’s Rights, their health, development and general well-being both at home and abroad.

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A twelve-year-old girl

Girls’ Education

Education is the cornerstone of a better quality of life for all children and a better world for everyone. Ensuring education for all is the acknowledged first step in achieving the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs). But if girls are left behind, that first step could become a stumbling block for all humanity.

Turkey is one of the countries on UNICEF’s 25 by 2005 list -- scheduled to achieve gender parity in education by the end of this year.

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A girl receives her measles vaccination shot


Polio has been eradicated in Turkey since 2002. The almost total eradication of the disease worldwide shows that it is possible to reach virtually all children. Turkey’s success offers some powerful pointers for the future regarding the eradication of other major childhood diseases such as measles.

With UNICEF support, the Ministry of Health in Turkey has undertaken the largest immunisation drive the world has yet seen to eliminate measles.

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