Say Yes Banner © UNICEF Turkey 2002the Quarterly Newsletter of UNICEF Turkey

Photograph by Rana Mullan © UNICEF Turkey 2003

Reflecting the camera’s focus.
Photograph by Rana Mullan
© UNICEF Turkey 2003

Say Yes features news about UNICEF Turkey’s programmes on healthcare and education, children’s rights and other development issues concerning the women and children of Turkey. Published in English and Turkish, the easy and informative style of our three-monthly newsletter helps to keep readers up to date on the progress of our activities.

The newsletter takes it’s name from the high-profile Say Yes for Children campaign to spotlight, prioritise and mobilise public support on issues affecting children in today’s world. The campaign has a special significance in Turkey where one in four of the population signed the Say Yes pledge which was subsequently presented to the UN General Assembly at the UNSSC in 2002.

Turkey’s amazingly positive response to the campaign is reflected in the newsletter’s placement of an outline map of the country within the affirmative half of the newsletter’s banner -- a reminder that in everything UNICEF and our partners do for the well-being and development of children, Turkey’s response will always be a resoundingly supportive YES!

The entire content of each issue is available online from this page of our web site (use the menu to navigate between editions). A print-optimised pdf version of each newsletter is also available for download from the respective sections.

Note: Views and opinions expressed in Say Yes do not necessarily reflect those of UNICEF.

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