Programmes 2001–2005

Note: Pages in this section have been stored solely for archiving purposes. Information contained here refers to the 2001–2005 CPAP. Follow this link for current details about UNICEF programmes in Turkey.

Photograph by Rana Mullan © UNICEF Turkey 2004

Looking around, early spring. Photograph by Rana Mullan © UNICEF Turkey 2004

UNICEF programmes and projects in Turkey fall into four main categories:

Early Childhood Care and Development Programmes (ECD)

Focusing on children under eight years of age, their parents and families, this programme offers the best possible start in life for a child as a foundation for ensuring all other rights. The immediate benefits are child survival, healthy growth and development and less illness and disease. The mid-term benefits are improved cognitive, linguistic, emotional and social skills, readiness for school and better self-esteem.

Education Programmes

With a special emphasis on girls’ education, this programme is designed to ensure that every girl and boy completes a quality primary school education. Educated girls are in a better position to develop to their full potential and as adults, they are better able to oversee the well-being of their children. Through CFS the quality of education in primary schools will be improved throughout Turkey in order to ensure that children reach their full potential.

Protection Programmes

Children and young people are more vulnerable to being hurt, neglected, abused and exploited than adults. This being the case, protection is a universal imperative and the right of every child.

Communication for Social and Resource Mobilisation Programmes

There is a role for all of us in the community to ensure the implementation of children’s rights. It is vitally important that we mobilise public support for the goals and objectives we share with our partners in order to promote and improve implementation of those programmes and policies which will make a difference for children.

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