About This Web Site

Development and Design

The content and layout, designed and maintained by Mullan’lar, attempts to balance UNICEF global branding characteristics with the latest specifications for cross-platform interoperability and accessibility.

The following industry recommendations and standards were taken into account during development and testing of the web site:

  • Valid XHTML 1.1 Strict XHTML 1.1 for cross-platform compatibility
  • Valid CSS Valid CSS 2.1 for clear and consistent layout
  • The WC3 Web Accessibility Initiative Attention to W3C Web Accessibilty Guidelines and
  • WebXACT validation WebXACT helping to ensure access for everyone
  • Feed Validator for Atom and RSS Valid RSS 1.0 to enable news syndication
  • Unicode/Evrensel Kod UTF-8 encoding helping to ensure the preservation of language on the internet … in all its forms


The bi-lingual English and Turkish content has been arranged to allow alternation or ‘toggling’ of language versions on a page-by-page basis.

Where possible, printer-friendly versions of documents have been provided.

Further information

More detailed information on the various features, structure and programming of the web site can be accessed from the local menu -- About This Web Site -- on this page.

Regular visitors are advised to review the section on Accesskeys -- use of the keyboard shortcuts will dramatically enhance browsing speed.

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