Glossary: Introduction

Photograph by Sema Hosta © UNICEF Turkey 2004

Acronyms make reading easier.
Photograph by Sema Hosta
© UNICEF Turkey 2004

In the interests of legibility, many terms and references throughout the UNICEF Turkey web site are consistently abbreviated in the form of acronyms. The Glossary provides definitions and descriptions of such terms in an easily accessible manner.

An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words. UNICEF is a good example of an acronym: when it was created by the United Nations in 1946, the organisation’s full title was the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. For over fifty years, however, our full title has been styled more concisely as The United Nations Children’s Fund although we continue to be known by the original acronym of UNICEF.

To help readers, acronyms feature within passages of text on this web site as special links underlined by a series of dots like so: UNICEF. Should the reader be unfamiliar with a particular acronym, the full title may be expanded by placing the cursor over the acronym link. For further information, a short definition or description of the term in the Glossary may be accessed by activating the link.

To continue reading, use the back button to return to the original passage of text on the web site -- try the UNICEF acronym (if you haven’t already) and see how it works.

Although it is intended primarily as a supporting resource for other sections of the web site, the Glossary may be used as a light reference source in itself. Entries are arranged alphabetically and may be accessed directly using the short table of contents.

Many entries in the Glossary contain other acronyms so it is possible to follow a sequence of several acronym links in order to become fully acquainted with the original term in the context of a number of others. It is also possible to ‘toggle’ or alternate directly between language versions of each Glossary entry using the alternative language link at the end. Readers will find this facility useful where acronyms such as SHÇEK follow spelling in the original Turkish. In this case expansion of the acronym will not follow the sequence of initial letters and an accurate version, if required, will be found in the Turkish entry.

Where appropriate, links have been provided within Glossary entries to other sources on the internet. By following the acronym links to CRC or CEDAW, for instance, it is possible to access the original text of these documents.

Not all terms in the Glossary match the strict definition of an acronym. For example, Haydi Kızlar Okula! is a slogan in Turkish. The principle behind the acronym link is nevertheless appropriate in this case since many readers, especially those who are not living in Turkey or who are unfamiliar with the language, will require amplification of such a term. The World Bank is another example: while not appearing to require expansion at first glance, the name is in fact an umbrella term for two organisations.

Since references to UNICEF recur naturally throughout virtually every page of the website, and readers will be familiar with the name by osmosis if not by prior knowledge, usage of the special acronym link for UNICEF has been restricted to the Glossary section for reference purposes only.

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