About This Web Site: WAI Conformance

Both layout and content have been arranged with close attention to the W3C WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) Guidelines. Pages were consistently validated against all three sets of WAI priorities using the Watchfire Corporation’s online WebXACT validation service.

It should be noted that only a selection of pages were subjected to online validation with WebXACT since the check is limited to one page per minute and as such proves to be a time-consuming procedure. However, since virtually all pages on the web site follow the same layout and consistent mark-up techniques, it is fair to assume that the approved sample group is representative of the whole -- pending a complete check in the near future.

With respect to the WAI Guidelines and the conclusions of the WebXACT validation service, it should be stressed that the issue of accessibility is highly subjective and that the automated WebXACT tests are no substitute for the human experience.

UNICEF Turkey would like to hear from anyone experiencing problems with the use of this site. Please use the feedback form to contact us regarding any enquiries or suggestions you may have, choosing ‘Web Site Feedback’ from the drop-down menu provided.

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