About This Web Site: A Note About JavaScript

Limited use has been made of JavaScript in order to enhance certain features of the web site. Disabling JavaScript will not affect the function of the web site in any way.

User agents that do not support JavaScript will render a message describing the purpose of the JavaScript elements instead. With features such as the ‘Latest Headlines’ a link is provided to an alternative static list.

The use of JavaScript raises two accessibility issues:

  • The Donations Form uses a JavaScript method for validation prior to submission, which means that the form will not work when JavaScript is not active or unsupported.
  • The visually dynamic content of puzzles featured in the Hand in Hand with Children section requires JavaScript in order to function.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. The JavaScript validation method will be replaced when Xforms become a popular standard across the Internet. In the meantime, users who do not have the JavaScript option are invited to make alternative arrangements with the Turkish National Committee for UNICEF.

Our developers are researching more accessible alternatives for the Hand in Hand with Children games and puzzles section.

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