05 March 2024

Crisis in Haiti

Political turmoil, civil unrest, violence, crippling poverty and natural disasters: This deadly combination is jeopardizing the well-being and future of Haiti’s children. More than 3 million children – the highest number on record in Haiti – require humanitarian support.   Despite the insecure and volatile environment, UNICEF is working with…, Recent news and features, What’s happening in Haiti?, Even before the current crisis, Haiti was the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country, having experienced decades of inadequate basic services and a lack of human capital development, combined with extremely high inequality, marginalization and social exclusion.   These challenges have been compounded by the proliferation of armed groups who are…, Haiti crisis snapshot, How is the crisis affecting children in Haiti?, A woman looks up to the side while cradling her baby in her arms. Children and families are enduring relentless waves of brutal violence perpetrated by armed groups. Each day brings new horrors, the loss of loved ones, homes destroyed, and an ever-present shadow of fear. Children are being killed or injured on their way to school, while women and…, How is UNICEF helping children in Haiti?, A boy smiling brightly sticks his hand into a black school bag with the UNICEF logo that he is holding in his lap. Despite the highly volatile environment, UNICEF is stepping up efforts to protect families and provide life-saving support, including for those who are trapped and cut off from essential services. Together with the Government and…, Donate to support UNICEF’s work for Haiti’s children