UNICEF and Microsoft launch global learning platform to help address COVID-19 education crisis

20 April 2020
UNICEF and Microsoft launch global learning platform to help address COVID-19 education crisis
UNICEF Timor-Leste/2020/Bsoares

As school closures in more than 190 countries force over 1.57 billion students from their classrooms, the Learning Passport aims to keep children learning 

NEW YORK, 20 April 2020 –UNICEF and Microsoft Corp. today announced the expansion of a global learning platform to help children and youth affected by COVID-19 continue their education at home. 

The Learning Passport started off as a partnership between UNICEF, Microsoft and the University of Cambridge and its departments Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment, designed to provide education for displaced and refugee children through a digital remote learning platform. It has now undergone rapid expansion to facilitate country-level curriculum for children and youth whose schools have been forced to close due to COVID-19. The platform will also provide key resources to teachers and educators. 

“From school closures, to isolation, to a persistent sense of fear and anxiety, the effects of this pandemic are impacting childhoods worldwide,” said Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director. “We need to come together and explore every avenue to keep children learning and help them through this difficult time. With long-term partners like Microsoft, we are able to swiftly deploy innovative, scalable solutions for children and youth. The adaptations made to the Learning Passport are a powerful reminder of what we can achieve together for children as the crisis deepens globally.”  

According to the latest available data from UNESCO, 1.57 billion students have been affected by school closures in more than 190 countries worldwide.[1] 

The Learning Passport, which has been in development for the past 18 months, was due to start as a pilot programme this year. When the global pandemic hit and schools were closed worldwide, the programme underwent rapid expansion of its reach. Now all countries with a curriculum capable of being taught online will be able to facilitate online learning for children and youth with devices at home. 

Kosovo, Timor-Leste and Ukraine – which have closed their school gates in the past weeks to help halt transmission of the virus – are the first to roll out their online curriculum through the Learning Passport. The content available to schoolchildren includes online books, videos and additional support for parents of children with learning disabilities. 

“Just as COVID-19’s impact has no borders, its solutions must not have borders, as it requires the collaboration across public and private sectors to ensure every student stays engaged and continues learning,” said Brad Smith, President of Microsoft. “UNICEF’s Learning Passport is uniquely positioned as a scalable learning solution to bridge the digital learning gap for millions of students to bring their classroom into their home during the pandemic.”

Children and young people continuing their education online can do so through a country-specific platform, accessed via their country’s learningpassport.unicef.org page. The platform for each country provides a digitized curriculum with textbooks and a selection of supplemental content, in national languages, that is jointly curated at country-level to best serve learners’ and educators’ specific needs. The Learning Passport captures a record of the curriculum subjects each student learns and guides learners with little additional support needed. 

The Learning Passport is an example of how UNICEF partners with business – based on a shared-value approach, where producing social value and addressing its challenges also makes perfect business sense.

The Learning Passport is part of the Generation Unlimited Global Breakthrough on Remote Learning and Work that aims to use technology to address challenges faced by learners, facilitators and education providers, particularly in conflict-affected and humanitarian contexts. Generation Unlimited is a global multi-sector partnership to meet the urgent need for expanded education, training and employment opportunities for young people.

Notes to editors:

All references to Kosovo shall be understood in the context of UN Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999).

About Microsoft:
Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

About Generation Unlimited:
Generation Unlimited is global partnership working to prepare young people to become productive and engaged citizens. It connects secondary-age education and training to employment and entrepreneurship, empowering every young person to thrive in the world of work.

UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product or service.

For further information, please contact: 
Georgina Thompson, UNICEF New York, Tel: +1 917 238 1559, gthompson@unicef.org
Microsoft Media Relations, WE Communications for Microsoft, (425) 638-7777, rrt@we-worldwide.com



UNICEF ho Microsoft lansa plataforma global aprendizajen atu ajuda hasoru krize edukasaun durante COVID-19   

Eskola sira taka iha país 190 liu obriga estudante sira billaun 1,57 husik hela sira nia klase sira, Learning Passport nia objetivu atu mantein labarik sira estuda  

Nova Yorke, 20 Abril 2020 – UNICEF ho Microsoft Corp. lansa ona ohin espansaun plataforma global aprendizajen atu ajuda labarik sira no foinsa’e sira afetadu husi COVID-19 kontinua sira-nia edukasaun husi uma. 

Passpost Leraning ne’e hahú husi parseria entre UNICEF, Microsoft no Universidade Cambridge ho nia departamentu Cambridge University Press ho Cambridge Assessment, dezignadu atu oferese edukasaun ba labarik deslokadu no labarik refujiadu sira liu husi meiu plataforma dijital apredizajen remota. Agora habelar lalais loos atu fasilita país –kuríkulu nivel ba labarik sira no foinsa’e sira ne’ebe mak sira-nia eskola aforsadu atu taka tamba COVID-19. Plataforma ne’e sei mós oferese rekursu xave sira ba profesor no edukador sira.

“Husi eskola ne’ebe taka, ba izolamentu, ba sentimentu persistente ba tauk no nesesidade, efeitu husi pandemia ne’e afeta ona labarik ki’ik sira iha mundu tomak,” dehan Henrietta Fore, Diretora Exekutiva UNICEF. “Ita presiza atu mai hamutuk no explora posibilidade hotu atu mantein labarik sira estuda no ajuda sira iha tempu difisil ne’e. Ho parseiru periudu naruk hanesan Microsoft, ita bele implementa rapidamente solusaun inovadora no bele sukat ba labarik no foinsa’e sira. Adaptasaun halo ona atu Learning Passport ne’e media ida forte husi saida mak ita bele atinji hamutuk ba labarik sira karik krize bo’ot liu-tan.”  

Tuir dadus disponivel husi UNESCO, estudante billaun 1,57 afetadu ona husi eskoka taka iha país 190 liu iha mundu tomak. 

Learning Passpot ne’ebe dezenvolve ona iha fulan 18 liu ba, tuir lolos atu komesa ona hanesan programa pilotu iha tinan ida ne’e. wainhira pandemia global mosu no eskola sira taka hotu iha mundu tomak, programa ne’e hetan espansaun lalais loos. Agora país hotu ho kuríkulu ida bele hanorin online sei bele fasilita aprendizajen online ba labarik no foinsa’e sira ho despozitivu sira iha uma. 

Kosovo, Timor-Leste no Ukrania – ne’ebe taka sira-nia eskola odamatan sira iha sema sira liu ba atu ajuda hapara transmisaun virus ne’e - mak lansa dahuluk sira-nia kuríkulu online liu husi Learning Passport. Kontiudu desponivel ba estudante sira inklui livru online sira, video no apoiu adisional ba inan-aman sira ba oan sira ho defisiensia atu estuda.  

“Hanesan COVID-19 ne’ebe la iha fronteira sira, nia solusaun tenke iha fronteira sira, tamba ne’e rekere kolaborasaun husi publiku hotu no setor privadu sira atu garante estudante hotu hela iha uma no kontinua estuda,”dehan Brad Smith, Prezidente Microsoft. “UNICEF nia Learning Passport ne’e tau iha pozisaun ida úniku hanesan solusaun aprendizajen eskalavel atu prienxe lakuna apendizajen dijital ba estudante tokon ba tokon lori sira-nia sala-aula ba uma durante pandemia ne’e.  

Labarik no foinsa’e sira kontinua sira-nia edukasaun online bele halo liu husi país – plataforma espesifiku, asesivel liu husi sira-nia país-nia pajina learningpassport.unicef.org. plataforma ne’e iha país ida-idak oferese kuríkulu dijital ho livru testu no kontiudu suplemental, iha lingua nasional sira, mak kuradoria hamutuk iha nivel país – atu atende di’ak nesesidade espesifika estudante no edukador sira. Learning Passport ne’e kaptura no grava materia sira mak estudante ida-idak estuda no orienta estudante sira ho apoiu nesesidade adisional.    

Learning Passport ne’e mak ezemplu ida oinsa UNICEF ho nia parseiru ho impreza sira – bazeia ba abordajen kompartilladu, mak produz valor sosial no hasoru dezafiu sira mós fó sentidu ba negosiu sira. 

Learning Passport ne’e hanesan parte ida husi Generation Unlimited Global Breakthrough ba Apredizajen Remota no Servisu mak ho objetivu uza teknolojia hodi hasoru dezafiu sira mak estudante sira hasoru, fasilitador no provedor edukasaun sira, partikularmente afetadu husi konflitu no kentextu umanitariu. Generation Unlimited ne’e parseiru multi setor global atu atende nesesidade urjente ba oportunidade edukasaun, formasaun no empregu ba foinsa’e sira. 

Nota ba editor sira:

Refersnsia hotu ba Kosovo tenke kompriende iha kontextu husi Rezolusaun Konsellu ONU 1244 (1999).

Kona-ba Microsoft:
Microsoft (Nasdap “MSFT” @microsoft) permite transformasaun dijital ba era kalohan intelijensia no vantajen intelijensia ida. Nia misaun mak atu reforsa ema ida-idak no oraganizasaun planeta hotu atu atinji lu tan.

Kona-ba Generation Unlimited:
Generation Unlimited ne’e parseria global ba servisu atu prepara foinsa’e sira sai produtivu no sidadaun partsipativu. Nia liga edukasaun no formasaun iha idade sekundaria ba empregu no empreendedorismu, kapasita foinsa’e sira hotu ba mundu servsisu ida prosperu. 
UNICEF la apoia kompañia, marka, produtu ka servisu.

Ba informasaun detallu, favor kontaktu: 
Georgina Thompson, UNICEF New York, Tel: +1 917 238 1559, gthompson@unicef.org
Microsoft Media Relations, WE Communications for Microsoft, (425) 638-7777, rrt@we-worldwide.com

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