New Zealand provides USD 400,000 to UNICEF to support emergency response

19 April 2021
New Zealand provides USD 400,000 to UNICEF to support emergency response
UNICEF Timor-Leste/2021/Benevides
A UNICEF Child Protection Officer explains to Ambassador of New Zealand in Timor-Leste, H.E. Philip Hewitt, how children are supported at a Child Friendly Space at an evacuation facility for flood-affected families in Tasi Tolu, in Dili, Timor-Leste. Ambassador Hewitt and the Child Rights Commissioner, Snra. Dinorah Granadeiro visited the 12 October school in Tasi Tolu with UNICEF to assess child protection, learning, nutrition and other support being provided for flood affected families.

DILI, 19 APRIL 2021 – New Zealand is providing USD 400,000 to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to support response actions for multiple ongoing emergencies in Timor-Leste. The announcement was made in Dili by the New Zealand Ambassador, H.E. Philip Hewitt, and UNICEF Representative, Bilal Durrani. 

“New Zealand and UNICEF have been working together in Timor-Leste to realize the rights of children over a number of years, including setting up 104 community pre-schools benefitting over 3000 children in Ermera and Viqueque, and supporting the reopening of schools in the past year,” says Phillip Hewitt, the Ambassador of New Zealand in Timor-Leste. “This is a continuation of that focus, to ensure children are safe and receive the right support during the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent flooding.”

The funding from the Government of New Zealand would enable UNICEF to expand COVID-19 prevention and response actions. This would include the provision of psychosocial support and access to education materials and hygiene supplies for children in isolation facilities and mandatory quarantine, support for children in residential care facilities in areas where the imposition of sanitary fences have restricted access to education, as well as water, sanitation and hygiene in health centers. Funding would also be utilized for the flood response, including supporting child-friendly spaces, providing psychosocial support and access to learning activities, and water, sanitation and hygiene supplies.

“Over the last year, UNICEF has provided support to the Government of Timor-Leste, both for COVID-19 prevention and response and during the recent floods that have added to the pressure on children, families and national response systems,” says Bilal Durrani, UNICEF Representative in Timor-Leste. “This support from New Zealand will help provide humanitarian support to children and families at a critical time for the country, when thousands of people continue to remain in shelters as they cannot return to flood damaged houses, and when COVID-19 cases have shown a recent hike.”

In addition, the Government of New Zealand is also providing solar lanterns, water purification tablets, water pumps, family hygiene kits, mother and infant kits, generators and jerry cans, with UNICEF working in coordination with the Ministry of Civil Protection to distribute supplies to those most in need.

UNICEF has been supporting the Ministry of Health in its COVID-19 prevention and response efforts, including raising awareness on COVID-19 prevention, provision of medical supplies, improving infection prevention and control, supporting distance learning and child protection. UNICEF also brought in COVID-19 vaccines allocated by the COVAX facility and is supporting implementation of the vaccine deployment plan. UNICEF’s flood response has involved the provision of thousands of WASH supplies, and support to setting up Child Friendly Spaces, nutrition screening and learning opportunities for children and families in flood evacuation centers and flood-affected communities. 



Nova Zelandia oferese USD 400,000 ba UNICEF hodi hatán ba emerjensia

DILI, 19 Abril 2021 – Nova Zelandia oferese USD 400,000 ba Fundus Nasoins Unidas ba Labarik (UNICEF, sigla Inglés) hodi hatan ba asaun multiplu emerjensia nian iha Timor-Leste. Anunsiu ne’e fó sai ona iha Dili husi Embaxador Nova Zelandia, Sua Exelensia Philip Hewitt, no reprezentativu UNICEF, Bilal Durrani, wainhira sira vizita eskola EBF 12 Outubro iha Tasi Tolumak oras ne’e akomoda familia afetadu husi inundasaun hamutuk liu 174. 

“Nova Zelandia no UNICEF servisu hamutuk ona iha Timor-Leste hodi realiza labarik sira-nia direitu tinan hirak liu ba, inklui estabelese ona uma pre-eskolar 104 mak benefisia ona labarik 3.000 iha Ermera no Viqueque, no apoia mós reabertura eskola sira iha tinan kotuk,” dehan Philip Hewitt, Embaxador Nova Zelandia iha Timor-Leste. “Ne’e kontinuasaun husi foku sira ne’e, hodi garante labarik sira seguru no simu apoiu lolos durante pandemia COVID-19 no inundasaun daudaun ne’e.” 

Fundu husi Governu Nova Zelandia bele ona ajuda UNICEF atu habelar nia asaun prevensaun hodi hatan ba COVID-19. Ida ne’e inklui provizaun apoiu psikolojikal no asesu sira ba material edukasaun no ekipamentu ijiene sira ba labarik sira iha fasilidade deslokasaun sira no kuarantena obrigatoriu, apoiu ba labarik sira iha fasilidade kuidadu rezidensial iha area sira ne’ebe aplika hela serku sanitaria mak limita asesu ba edukasaun, no mós bee moos, saneamentu no ijiene iha sentru saude sira. Fundu ne’e mós utiliza hodi hatan ba inundasaun, inklui apoia ba fatin ksolok ba labarik sira, oferese apoiu psikolojikal no asesu ba atividade aprendizajen sira, no bee moos, saneamentu no ikipamentu ijiene.

“Iha tinan kotuk, UNICEF oferese ona apoiu ba Governu Timor-Leste, ba prevensaun COVID-19 no mós hodi hatan ba inundasaun liu ba ne’e mak aumenta presaun ba labarik sira, familia sira no sistema hatan nasional sira,” dehan Bilal Durrani, Reprezentativu UNICEF iha Timor-Leste. “Apoiu husi Nova Zelandia ne’e sei ajuda oferese apoiu umanitaria ba labarik no familia sira iha tempu kritiku ba país ne’e, wainhira ema rihun ba rihun kontinua hela iha fatin deslokasaun tamba sira labele fila ba sira-nia uma mak aftedau husi inundasaun, no wainhira kazu COVID-19 hatudu numeru ida aumenta hela.”

Governu Nova Zelandia mós apoia lampada solar, aimoruk purifikador bee, bomba bee, ekipamentu ijiene familiar, ekipamentu ba inan no bebé sira, jerador no jerikan, ho UNICEF nia kordenasaun servisu ho Sekretariu Estadu Protesaun Sivil hodi fahe suprimentu sir aba sira be’ebe nesesitadu liu.

UNICEF apoia hela ona Ministeriu Saúde ba prevensaun COVID-19 no hatan ba esforsu sira, inklui konsientizasaun prevensaun COVID-19, apoiu suprimentu mediku sira, melloramentu prevensaun infesaun no kontrolo, apoia aprendizajen husi do’ok no protesaun ba labarik sira. UNICEF mós hatama vasina COVID-19 aloka husi fasilidade COVAX no apoia implementasaun planu vasinasaun. UNICEF-nia hatan ba inundasaun inklui ona suprientu bee, saneamentu no ijiene sira, no ajuda estabelese Sentru Ksolok ba Labarik sira, triajen nutrisional no oportunidade aprendizajen ba labarik no familia sira iha sentru deslokasaun inundasaun no komunidade afetadu husi inundasaun.  


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