Inauguration of UNICEF-supported school buildings in Caitehu: Efforts to ensure better learning environments for children

20 December 2019
Inauguration of UNICEF-supported school buildings in Caitehu: Efforts to ensure better learning environments for children
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Dili, Timor-Leste, 17 December 2019 - With the aim of ensuring better learning environments for students, UNICEF-supported new school buildings were inaugurated in Caeteho, Bazartete administrative posts in Liquiça municipality. 

Hon. Dulce de Jesus Soares, Minister of Education and Culture, Domingos dos Santos da Conceição, Liquiça Municipal Administrator and Valerie Taton, UNICEF Representative in Timor-Leste, inaugurated the new buildings in the presence of a large gathering of dignitaries, teachers, students and community members. 

“EBF Caeteho is one of the six schools which UNICEF is constructing or rehabilitating. This is part of our support to the government of Timor-Leste in their efforts to ensure that all children have a safe and child-friendly place. A place where children can learn, play and grow with dignity,” said Valerie Taton, UNICEF Representative in Timor-Leste. “

These new school buildings follow the standard design of child-friendly schools. Schools that have enough space for children; have suitable chairs and tables; and schools with toilets and hand-washing facilities with soap and clean water. It includes two classrooms and school furniture, a library room, school kitchen, multipurpose room and two group handwashing facilities. This will benefit over 100 students enrolled now, and new groups of students in the future.

The classrooms and buildings are important because studies have shown that the most crucial inputs to ensure children are learning are the teachers. This is why UNICEF will also continue to work with the Ministry to support teachers, including facilitating peer-to-peer learning among teachers, the school coordinators and directors. UNICEF will also continue working with Ministry’s Directorate of Basic Education to invest in Timor-Leste ‘s future leaders through the Student Councils. 

UNICEF also provided EBF Caeteho with some tools, soap and other items to help maintain the toilets and promote hygiene practices as well as a cooking stove for the kitchen. Through the Ministry’s School Social Action Directorate, UNICEF continue to support hygiene promotion in EBF Caeteho and schools throughout the country. 

Caeteho community and parents, the school officials and the students have been involved in the construction of the new classrooms and facilities. The community and school co-organized the event and contributed funds toward the inauguration ceremony. 




Inaugurasaun Uma Eskola Caeteho Apoiu husi UNICEF: Esforsu atu garante ambiente aprendizajen di’aik-liu ba labarik sira

Dili, Timor-Leste 17 Dezembru 2019 – Ho objetivu atu garante ambiente aprendizajen di’ak-liu ba estudante sira, Uma Eskola Caeteho foun apoiu husi UNICEF inaugura ohin iha Caeteho, Postu Administrativu Bazartete iha munisipiu Liquiça.

Onrada Dulce de Jesus Soares, Ministra Edukasaun no Kultura, Domingos dos Santos da Conceiao, Administrador munisipiu Liquiça no Valerie Taton, Reprezentativa UNICEF iha Timor-Leste, inaugura ona uma eskola foun ho prezensa husi dignatoriu sira, mestri sira, estudante no membru komunidade sira.

“EBF Caeteho mak eskola ida husi eskola neen ne’ebe UNICEF halao hela konstrusaun no reabilitasaun. Ne’e parte ida hosi ami-nia apoiu ba Governu Timor-Leste ba sira-nia esforsu sira atu garante labarik hotu hetan fatin seguru no fatin amigavel. Fatin ida ne’ebe labarik sira bele aprende, halimar no dezenvolve ho dignidade,” dehan Valerie Taton, Reprezentativa UNICEF iha Timor-Leste.

Uma eskola foun sira ne’e halo tuir dezeñu padraun Eskola Foun sira. Eskola sira ne’ebe iha espasu nato’on ba labarik sira; iha kadeira no meza di’ak; no eskola ho sintina no fasilidade fase-liman ho sabaun no bee moos. Ne’e inklui sala aula rua no mobiliariu eskola, sala biblioteka ida, dapur eskola, sala multi funsaun no grupu fasilidade fase-liman sira. Ne’e bele benefisia estudante 100 ida-resin mak eskola agora, no estudante grupu foun sira iha future.

Sala aula sira ne’e ho uma importante tanba estudu sira hatudu ona katak input krusial-liu atu garante labarik sira aprende mak mestri sira. Tanba ne’e mak UNICEF sei mós kontinua atu servisu hamutuk ho Ministeriu atu apoia mestri sira, inklui fasilitasaun otas ba otas entre mestri sira, kordenador eskola sira no diretor sira. UNICEF sei kontinua mós servisu ho Diresaun Ensinu Baziku Ministeriu-nian atu investe iha Timor-Leste-nia lider sira iha futuru liu husi Konsellu Estudante sira.

UNICEF mós oferese ba EBF Caeteho sasan balun, sabaun no sasan sira seluk atu ajuda matein sintina sira no promove prátika ijiene sira hanesan fugaun ida ba dapur. Liu husi Diresaun Asaun Sosial Eskolar, UNICEF kontinua fó apoiu ba promosaun ijiene iha EBF Caeteho no eskola sira iha país laran tomak.

Komuidade Caeteho no inan-aman, ofisial eskola no estudante sira involve hela ona iha konstrusaun sala aula foun no fasilidade sira. Komunidade no eskola organiza hamutuk iventu ne’e no kontribui fundu balun ba serimonia inaugurasaun.


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