Govt of Timor-Leste, European Union, United Nations, and partners inaugurate Spotlight Initiative in Bobonaro, Ermera, Viqueque

23 July 2020
Govt of Timor-Leste, European Union, United Nations, and partners inaugurate Spotlight Initiative in Bobonaro, Ermera, Viqueque
UNICEF Timor-Leste/2020/Aparicio

DILI, (Timor-Leste), 23 July 2020 – Her Excellency Maria José da Fonseca Monteiro de Jesus, Secretary of State for Equality and Inclusion, inaugurated today the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative at Bobonaro Municipal Administration Office in presence of members of the Government, the Delegation of the European Union, the United Nations System, Municipal authorities, and civil society organisations. 

Today’s event marks series of Municipal inaugurations of the Spotlight Initiative to give a boost to the regional activities which were earlier hampered by COVID crisis. The Bobonaro launch also highlights resolve of the Government and partners to address violence against women and girls (VAWG) as one of the top priorities. Two other Municipal inaugurations will be held in Ermera and Viqueque on 06 August 2020 and 13 August 2020, respectively. The Secretariat of State for Equality and Inclusion will be leading these events in collaboration with representatives from the Municipalities, United Nations, European Union and civil society partners. Spotlight Initiative was launched on 5 March 2020 at national level in Dili. 

“I fully recognise our substantial joint efforts in eliminating violence against women and girls despite difficulties posed by COVID pandemic. The Spotlight Initiative is in line with the commitments of the Government of Timor-Leste to promote and protect the dignity and rights of women and girls. The Government of Timor-Leste do stand fully committed to zero tolerance against any form, kind, and shape of violence against our women and girls. Our unwavering support is always available in prevention, protection and the provision of services to ensure women's empowerment and participation in all aspects of society”, stated Her Excellency Ms Maria José da Fonseca Monteiro de Jesus, in her remarks. 

These Municipal events will be an opportunity to present the Spotlight Initiative itself, the activities planned for the municipalities, as well as key partners, stakeholders, and supporters to the communities. The Initiative aims at supporting measures of the Government to eliminate all kinds of harmful practices around violence against women and girls. The three-year investment in Timor-Leste amounts to USD15 million. It aims to strengthen country’s legal frameworks and institutions, promote positive social norms, increase quality and access to support services for survivors of violence, improve the collection and use of data for better policy making, and strengthen partnerships with civil society organisations, grassroots and marginalized groups. The Initiative is jointly led by the Government and United Nations Resident Coordinator’s Office in Timor-Leste and will be implemented by UN Women, UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, and ILO. 

“Gender equality is one of the pre-conditions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Spotlight Initiative in Timor-Leste means supporting a countrywide movement at national and municipal levels by promoting a multisectoral approach where all partners are encouraged to join hands in eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls. The United Nations is working closely with many people and institutions, from the top leadership to the grassroots, including the Government, civil society, private sector, development partners, men and boys, women and girls to make a real change”, noted Mr Roy Trivedy, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System in Timor-Leste. 

While the Spotlight Initiative in Timor-Leste will have nationwide impacts, particularly through policy, legislation, and support to national institutions, community level activities will be focused in three Municipalities in partnership with civil society and grassroots organizations to implement the programme by giving priority to survivors of violence, young girls, women and girls with disabilities, domestic workers, LGBTI communities, and girls who married before 18. 

The Spotlight Initiative is a multi-year partnership between the European Union and the United Nations, with a global investment of EUR 500 million or USD 550 million, to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls by 2030. It is one of the world's largest programmes for women and girls. In Timor-Leste the Initiative will especially be focusing on the elimination of domestic violence and intimate partner violence. 

“For the European Union and its Member States, eliminating violence against women and girls is a non-negotiable priority. We are all well aware that we cannot do this alone. Coordinated efforts by all actors are required: the Government of Timor-Leste, international organisations, political leaders, civil society organisations, grassroots activists, women and girls, and – most importantly – men and boys. The European Union is pleased to support Timor-Leste’s efforts to end the terrible, and widespread, scourge of violence against women and girls. The Spotlight Initiative will enhance efforts and strengthen institutions to ensure women and girls will never again live in fear”, said Andrew Jacobs, EU Ambassador to Timor-Leste.


The Spotlight Initiative, launched globally in September 2017, is a multi-year global partnership between the European Union and the United Nations to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls. It represents an unprecedented global effort to invest in gender equality and women's empowerment as a precondition and driver for achieving sustainable development goals. 

In the Pacific, the situation is particularly worrying. In some countries in the region, 76 per cent of women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime. Most affected are marginalised women and girls facing multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination. 

The overall vision of the Spotlight Initiative in Timor-Leste is that women and girls enjoy their right to a life free of violence, within an inclusive and gender equitable Timor-Leste. The programme is aligned to the Timor-Leste "National Action Plan on Gender based Violence (2017-2021)" and National SDG Roadmap. It will contribute to the elimination of domestic violence/ intimate partner violence (DV/IPV) by responding to the needs of women and girls and addressing the underlying causes of violence against women and girls, using a multi-sectoral and intersectional approach across the ecological model. 

This will involve strengthening and widening partnerships and solidarity across civil society, Government, media, private sector and development partners. The Initiative will empower individuals, equip institutions at national, sub-national and community levels with the policies, systems and mechanisms to prevent and respond to VAWG, and encourage the public to challenge harmful gender norms. Using innovative approaches, the SI will build a social movement of diverse advocates and agents of change for gender equality and social inclusion. 

Timor-Leste is one of the countries that benefits from the Spotlight Initiative with the support of the Government, civil society as well as partners in eradication of violence against women and girls. After achieving significant progress in the last 20 years since its historic vote for independence, Timor-Leste has demonstrated its commitment to ending violence against women and girls (EVAWG) and intimate partner violence. Despite the vision for equality, violence against women remains a challenge, with estimates from 38% to 59% of women experiencing violence in their lifetime. 

The Spotlight initiative deploys targeted, large-scale investments to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Pacific. For more information about the Spotlight Initiative, visit


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Governu Timor-Leste, Uniaun Europeia, Nasoins Unidas no Parseiru sira hala’o Lansamentu Inisiativa Spotlight iha Munisípiu Bobonaro, Ermera no Viqueque


Dili, 23 Jullu 2020 – Sua Exelénsia Sekretária Estadu ba Igualdade no Inkluzaun, Maria José da Fonseca Monteiro de Jesus hala’o lansamentu ba Inisiativu Spotlight husi UE-ONU iha Salaun Administrasaun Munisípiu Bobonaro ne’ebé marka prezensa husi delegasaun Uniaun Europeia, Nasoins Unidas, Prezidente Autoridade Munisípiu Bobonaro no Organizasaun Sosiedade Sivíl sira. 

Eventu ohin loron hanesan kontinuasaun husi lansamentu inisiativa spotlight ne’ebé hala’o ona iha nível nasionál ba munisípiu atu promove atividade rejionál nian ne’ebé antes ne’e difikulta ho pandemia COVID-19. Lansamentu iha munisípiu Bobonaro mós atu hatudu katak Estadu no parseiru sira iha esforsu maka’as atu responde ba violénsia hasoru feto no labarik-feto (VAWG-sila Inglés) hanesan prioridade esensiál ida. Lansamentu ba munisípiu rua seluk sei hala’o iha munisípiu Ermera no Viqueque iha loron 6 fulan Agostu tinan 2020 no loron 13 fulan Agostu tinan 2020. Sekretária Estadu ba Igualdade no Inkluzaun mak sei lidera eventu hirak-ne’e ho kolaborasaun hamutuk ho reprezentante sira husi munisípiu, ONU, Uniaun Europeia no parseiru sosiedade sivíl sira. Inisiativa spotlight ne’e iha nível nasionál lansa ona iha loron 5 fulan Marsu tinan 2020 iha Otél Timor-Dili.

“Ha’u rekoñese subtánsia husi esforsu sira atu halakon violénsia hasoru feto no labarik-feto maske ita iha defikuldade ba iha pandemia COVID-19. Inisiativa spotlight ne’e aliña ho kompromisu Governu Timor-Leste nian atu promove no proteje dignidade no direitu feto no labarik-feto sira. Governu Timor-Leste komprometidu tebes ba zero toleránsia hasoru forma oioin no tipu violénsia saida deit hasoru feto no labarik-feto. Ami nia apoiu sempre disponivel ba iha prevensaun, protesaun no prestasaun servisu atu asegura empoderamentu no partisipasaun feto sira iha aspetu hotu iha sosiedade”, dehan Sua Exelénsia Maria José de Jesus.

Eventu munisipál hirak-ne’e sai hanesan oportunidade ida atu hamosu inisiativa spotlight ne’e-rasik, atividade ne’ebé planeia ba iha munisípiu sira, nune’e mós parseiru xave, parte interesadu sira no apoiu sira ba iha komunidade. Inisiativa ne’e ho objetivu atu apoia sasukat sira Governu nian atu halakon forma hotu husi prátika perigu ba violénsia hasoru feto no labarik-feto sira. Investimentu tinan-tolu ba inisiativa spotlight iha Timor-Leste hamutuk 15 milaun dolares amerikanu. Ninia objetivu mak atu hametin enkuadramentu legál nasaun no instituisaun sira, halo promosaun ba norma positivu sosiál nian, hasa’e asesu hodi apoia serbisu ba sobrevivente husi violénsia, hadi’ak kolesaun no utilizasaun dadus ba iha halo polítika ne’ebé di’ak liu no hametin parseria ho organizasaun sosiedade sivíl sira. Inisiativu ne’e lidera husi UN Women, PNUD, UNICEF, UNFPA no ILO.

“Igualdade jéneru hanesan prekondisaun ida atu atinji Objetivu Dezenvolvimentu Sustentável. Inisiativa spotlight iha Timor-Leste signifika apoiu movimentu nasionál ida iha nível nasionál no munisipál ho promosaun abordajen multisetoriál ne’ebé parseiru hotu hamutuk atu fó liman ba malu atu halakon forma oioin husi violénsia hasoru feto no labarik-feto sira. Nasoins Unidas serbisu hamutuk ho ema no instituisaun barak, husi altu nível ba to’o povu kiik, inklui Governu, sosiedade sivíl, setór privadu, parseiru dezenvolvimentu, mane no labarik-mane sira, feto no labarik-feto sira atu halo mudansa loloos”, dehan Roy Trivedy, Koordenadór Rezidente ONU iha Timor-Leste.

Aleinde inisiativa spotlight iha Timor-Leste ne’ebé sei hetan impaktu iha nível nasionál, liuliu iha polítika, lejislasaun no apoiu ba iha instituisaun nasionál sira, atividade nível komunidade sira sei foka liu ba iha munisípiu tolu ne’ebé parseria ho sosiedade sivíl no organizasaun sira iha baze atu implementa programa ne’ebé fó prioritáriu liubá iha sobrevivente husi violénsia, feto foin-sa’e, feto no labarik-feto, ema ho defisiénsia, servisu na’in doméstika nian, komunidade LGBTI no feto sira ne’ebé kaben sedu (idade 18 mai kraik). 

Inisiativa Spotlight hanesan parseiru tinan naruk entre Uniaun Europeia no Nasoins Unidas, ho ninia investimentu globál hamutuk 500 millaun EURO ka 550 millaun dolares amerikanu, ho objetivu atu halakon forma oioin husi violénsia hasoru feto no labarik-feto iha tinan 2030. Programa ne’ebé boot ba iha feto no labarik-feto sira. Iha Timor-Leste inisiativa ida-ne’e sei foka liu ba iha eliminasaun violénsia doméstika no violénsia parseiru íntimu.

“Ba Uniaun Europeia no nasaun membru sira, halakon violénsia hasoru feto no labarik-feto ne’e prioridade ida ne’ebé labele iha negosiasaun. Ita hotu hatene katak ita sei la hala’o ida-ne’e mesamesak. Persiza iha esforsu ne’ebé iha koordenasaun di’ak husi autór sira hotu: Governu Timor-Leste, organizasaun internasionál, lider polítiku, organizasaun sosiedade sivíl, ativista sira iha baze, feto no labarik-feto no- importante liu mak- mane no labarik-mane sira. Uniaun Europeia ho kontenti apoiu esforsu Timor-Leste nian atu halakon violénsia ne’ebé perigu tebes ba feto no labarik-feto sira. Inisiativa spotlight sei hasa’e esforsu no hametin instituisaun sira atu asegura feto no labarik-feto laiha tan moris iha ta’uk nia laran,” tenik Andrew Jacobs, Embaixadór Uniaun Europeia ba Timor-Leste.


Inisiativa spotlight lansa iha fulan Setembru tinan 2017, hanesan parseiru globál ba plurianuál entre Uniaun Europeia no Nasoin Unidas atu halakon forma oioin husi violénsia hasoru feto no labarik-feto. Inisiativa ne’e hanesan esforsu globál ida ne’ebé seidauk akontese hodi investe iha igualdade jéneru no empoderamentu feto hanesan prekondisaun ida atu alkansa objetivu dezenvolvimentu sustentável.  

Iha pasifíku, partikularmente ita preukupa ho situasaun ne’e. Iha nasaun balun iha rejiaun ne’e, 75% feto hetan esperiénsia violénsia fízika ho seksuál iha sira-nia moris tomak. Dala barak situasaun ne’e afeta liu ba feto no labarik-feto marjinalizadu sira ne’ebé hasoru forma husi diskriminasaun oioin.   

Vizaun jerál husi inisiativa spotlight iha Timor-Leste mak feto no labarik-feto goja sira-nia direitu hodi moris livre husi violénsia iha nasaun Timor-Leste ne’ebé inkluzivu no igualdade jéneru. Programa ne’e aliña ho Timor-Leste nia “Planu Asaun Anuál kona-ba Violénsia bazeia ba Jéneru (2017-2021)” no meta nasionál objetivu dezenvolvimentu sustentável (ODS). Ida-ne’e sei kontribui ba iha eliminasaun violénsia doméstika/violénsia parseiru íntimu (DV/IPV sila Inglés) liuhusi atendimentu ba nesesidade feto no labarik-feto no rezolve kauza husi violénsia hasoru feto no labarik-feto, liuhosi aproximasaun multisetoriál no intersetoriál iha modelu ekolojia hotu. 

Ida-ne’e sei involve iha hametin parseria no solidariedade ne’ebé boot entre sosiedade sivíl, Governu, mídia, setór privadu no parseiru dezenvolvimentu sira. Inisiativa ida-ne’e sei haforsa individu sira, kapasita instituisaun iha nível nasionál, munisipál no nível komunidade ho polítika, sistema no mekanizmu atu prevene no responde ba VAWG, no enkoraja komunidade atu dezafia norma perigu sira ba jéneru. Ho aproximasaun inovativu, inisiativa spotlight sei kria movimentu sosiál ida husi diversus advokasia no ajente mudansas ba igualdade jéneru no inkluzaun sosiál.

Inisiativa spotlight emprega investimentu ho eskala boot ba elimina forma hotu husi violénsia hasoru feto no labarik-feto iha Áfrika, Ázia, Karíbia, Amérika Latina no Pasífiku.  Atu hetan informasaun detalla kona-ba inisiativa spotlight, favór vizita, 


Ba pergunta husi mídia, favór kontaktu:
Marino Mouzinho, Asesór Mídia Sekretaria Estadu ba Igualdade no Inkluzaun. 

Marina Rini, Ofisiais Komunikasaun,  Delegasaun Uniaun Europeia. 

Ahmed Saleem, Ofisiais Komunikasaun, edifísiu rezidente koordenadór ONU. 

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