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WASH facilities inaugurated by Elias Pereira Moniz, Secretary of the State Water, Sanitation and Urbanization of Timor-Leste, Ambassador and Head of Delegation, European Union Sylvie Tabesse and UNICEF Timor-Leste Representative Desiree M. Jongsma.

UNICEF works in partnership with the Government of Timor-Leste through a number of line Ministries such as the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Ministry of Social Affairs and Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communication, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Solidarity, Ministry of State Administration and the Secretary of State for Social Communication and the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports. 

We also work in close collaboration with other UN agencies, non-government organizations, and civil society organizations.

UNICEF is funded entirely by voluntary contributions. Major funding for the UNICEF programme in Timor-Leste comes from the European Union, the Governments of Australia, New Zealand and Norway.

UNICEF also receives funding support from the National Committees of UNICEF such as the Netherlands National committee, Japan National Committee, Australian National Committee, Finnish National Committee, UK National Committee, Spanish National Committee, Slovak National Committee, Swedish National Committee, Portuguese National Committee, Malaysian National Committee and the US Fund for Children.

If you’d like to help too, you can donate online or through a national UNICEF office.



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