22 June 2024

Connected, Engaged and Empowered?

The study, "Connected, Engaged and Empowered? – A Landscape Analysis of Young People’s Participation in Thailand," is the result of a collaboration between UNICEF and numerous individuals focused on adolescent participation. The objectives of the study are to:Provide an overview of the existing policy and legal frameworks for young people’s participation.Provide an overview of key stakeholders responsible for young people’s participation, including the level of autonomy of sub-national authorities in setting priorities, defining local policies, and creating local programmes for young people’s participation.Provide an overview of the key platforms for young people’s participation, including offline and digital government and non-governmental platforms.Analyze the quality of existing participation platforms, including challenges and opportunities.Assess the capacities of government and civil society organisations/networks, including young people, to promote and implement young people’s participation.Offer detailed recommendations for improving the legislative framework, platforms, and capacities for young people’s participation in Thailand.The study includes a desk review of over 200 documents, an online survey with 85 stakeholders from both public and private sectors, 18 key informant interviews with representatives from government, NGOs, CSOs, and the private sector, 4 focus group discussions (FGDs) with young people representing the Child and Youth Council of Thailand (CYCT), UNICEF’s Young People Advisory Board (YPAB), and youth leaders from independent organisations, along with a series of validation workshops with UNICEF and other key stakeholders.The report is organized into four chapters:Chapter 1 describes the background and methodology.Chapter 2 outlines the legislative and policy framework for participation.Chapter 3 identifies the main stakeholders and platforms for participation.Chapter 4 presents conclusions around the conceptual framework, discusses emerging themes, and offers recommendations.