13 September 2018


I Am UNICEF is a volunteer programme to help improve the lives of children and youth in Thailand. You can now lend us a hand and be the voice for every child and young person in Thailand. , Let's work together!, Stories from the field, " This experience has left a remarkable impression on me, and I’m very happy to be able to help out on the day. " Pawat - I Am UNICEF volunteer Pawat and other I Am UNICEF volunteers distributed UNICEF Activity Booklets to Klongtoey community. Jakkarin Sirimongkol Pawat and other I Am UNICEF volunteers distributed UNICEF Activity Booklets to…, A touching story from an I Am UNICEF volunteer, Hi, my name is Pawat. I’m a high-school student preparing for university entrance exams. I recently had the opportunity to volunteer to distribute food coupons and UNICEF COVID-19 activity booklets to families of the Klongtoey community near Bangkok. The event was organized by the Klongtoey D Jung Group and the I Am UNICEF Volunteer team, aiming…, Our Work, children lives changed, 90,000,000+, Children's lives changed worldwide UNICEF has helped save more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organization – 90 million since 1990. Time Contribution for children, 12,000+, Hrs. spent helping Thai children Did you know?  One of the greatest contributions for children is your time!  youth voices, 450,000+, Thai children voices were heard You can be the voice of children by sharing our messages, Still, there's a lot more to do in Thailand:, 1 in 10 children are stunted Every 5 minutes, a teenage mom gives birth to a child Half of migrant children are not in school  , Why Join Us?,  , Contact I Am UNICEF Team, Email: volunteerth@unicef.org Website: https://iam.unicef.or.th/, Our Partners, Children and Youth Council of Thailand Children and Youth Council of Thailand p2h Path2health Foundation Sorsorsor Thai Health Promotion Foundation u-report U-Report Thailand Thai Red Cross The Thai Red Cross Society, See Our Partners, Cover image for EveryDayIsMindDay, Become A Mental Health Champion #EveryDayMindDay, Become A Mental Health Champion: download and share the mental health toolkit with UNICEF! #EveryDayMindDay Sign up