30 April 2024

2023 National Children and Youth Assembly Report

The National Children and Youth Assembly serves as a platform for children and youth to exchange ideas, learn about various topics, critically voice their opinions, and address the issues that matter to them. Under the guiding principle of 'Kids Think, Kids Act, Kids Lead, Adults Support,' the National Children and Youth Assembly uses a participatory mechanism that recognizes that addressing the challenges faced by children and youth and fostering their development is not solely the responsibility of individuals but rather a collective duty involving all sectors.The 2023 National Children and Youth Assembly, which took place from 22–24 July 2023, was organized by the Children and Youth Council of Thailand (CYCT) in collaboration with the Department of Children and Youth (DCY) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Thailand. The aim of the event was to provide a platform for children and youth to voice their opinions on various issues affecting their lives.This report documents the findings of an online survey with a total of 33,580 children and youth under the age 10 - 25 from all over the country participated between 15 May – 30 June 2024  and the outcomes of the 2023 National Children and Youth Assembly, including resolutions agreed upon during the Assembly, and highlights the recommendations of children and youth on six key issues that matter to them 1) economic and employment issues 2) education 3) health 4) violence and protection 5) environment, and 6) children and young people’s participation.
01 September 2023

YPAB 2023 members

The Young People Advisory Board (YPAB) of UNICEF Thailand serves as a critical sounding board for UNICEF Thailand, guiding the planning, implementation, and monitoring of UNICEF's priority initiatives. They ensure that the voices of young people are heard by UNICEF and its partners, with a focus on the most vulnerable and marginalized people. The…, Tomoko Ikuta 01 - Tomoko Ikuta, My name is Tomoko Ikuta. I am 16 years old and currently studying Grade 10 at the International School Bangkok (ISB). This is my fifth year of being a Student Ambassador. Because I love doing many things and promoting different services, I have founded and am president of several clubs at my school, as well as being a member of the school’s…, Socheatey Chan 02 - Socheatey Chan, Hi! My name is Socheatey Chan. My nickname is Yim. I am 21 years old, and I am from Cambodia. After receiving a royal scholarship, I am now a sophomore at the Faculty of Innovative Agriculture and Fishery, Prince of Songkhla University, majoring in Agricultural Science and Technology. I am inspired to take part in YPAB as I recognize that…, Piyada Khejornlai 03 - Piyada Khejornlai, I am a junior law student of Srinakharinwirot University from Isan who has a strong passion for films and jazz music. I am also a coffee lover whose favorite drink at the moment is iced espresso. I fell in love with listening to vinyl sessions and live music. My world revolves around music.  My own work experience as a Public Relations and Graphic…, Asmanee Chesuemea 04 - Asmanee Chesuemea, For 20 years, I have been living and studying in the Su-ngai Padi district in Narathiwat, an area that is rich in diversity. It is a multicultural place with different traditions, people, and nature. It is also in the three deep south provinces of Thailand, which are experiencing political unrest. The issue of developmental gaps between urban and…, Palinphat Chongthanakorn 05 - Palinphat Chongthanakorn, Hello!  My name is Palinphat Chongthanakorn. I am 14 years old and currently studying at Patumwan Demonstration School. I have a genuine interest in the effects of climate change and eco-friendly ways of living. I aspire to live a zero-waste lifestyle and would like to encourage others to do the same. Because climate change negatively impacts…, Pailin Jakpa 06 - Pailin Jakpa, Hello! My name is Pailin and I am a student at the College of Interdisciplinary Studies, Thammasat University, majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. I have an interest in climate change and environmental subjects. When taking part in activities with organizations such as EnvironHack, my team members and I invented an innovative solution…, Kwanjira Jaikla 07 - Kwanjira Jaikla, Hi! My name is Pa-kwan. I am from Roi-et province and study at Makasarakam University Demonstration School. In the past, I was part of an environmental project in collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities and U.S. Embassy (Thailand), the Waste Management Camp at Prempreedee Foundation's International Eco Village, and the DMSU Food Waste…, Sirianong Devakula Na Ayudhya 08 - Sirianong Devakula Na Ayudhya, Hello, my name is Sirianong Devakula Na Ayudhaya. I am 10 years old and currently attend Year 6 at Bangkok Patana School, where I also am a student council representative. I am Writer Number 14 for Butterfly Children Books Publishing, with my first book titled “Wondrous Notebooks”. It tells a story about children who live in a city that lacks…, Thungngen Thongngam 09 - Thungngen Thongngam, Hello, my name is Mink. I am 17 years old and currently studying in Grade 12. I am an ordinary high school student who does not possess any special degrees to certify my competence, but I strongly believe that when one person starts to do something for our society, that person does not need to be exceptionally bright, or smarter than anyone else,…, Khanet Kanhawek 10 - Khanet Kanhawek, My name is Khanet Kanhawek and my nickname is Project. I am a twenty-year-old junior at Thammasat University specializing in British and American studies. Due to my volunteering experience working as a teacher in rural areas in the South, I became aware of the ongoing and apparent prevalence of violence against children, which sparked my interest…, Worrawantra Nuam-in 11 - Worrawantra Nuam-in, Hi! This is Worrawantra Nuam-in or Amm. I recently graduated high school in the Arts-French program. As a volunteer, I enjoy contributing my skills in arts, strategic planning, networking, and more to a number of foundations, including youth-led organizations. The projects that I have been involved mostly focus on child protection and advocating…, Anna annanon 12 - Anna annanon, I am Anna Annanon, a 17-year-old youth activist who works to protect human rights and mobilize subjects like education, children's rights, and political issues. I have worked with political movement groups like "Bad Students", "Little Fem", and a group of Triam Udom Suksa students against dictatorship (Kiem Udom Mai Kom Hua Hai Padetkarn). I have…, Ravleen Sachdej 13 - Ravleen Sachdej, My name is Ravleen Sachdej and I am currently a fourth-year law student in Thammasat University's International LL.B. Program. During my time at law school, I have participated in various activities like the International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition. I have translated documents for the Clooney Foundation for Justice, and have also been…, Nanami Onodera 14 - Nanami Onodera, Hi, my name is Nanami Onodera. I am 18 years old and just graduated from St. Joseph Bangna School. I am entering my first year at Puey Ungphakorn School of Development Studies, Thammasat University, majoring in Innovation for Social and Human Development. I worked with UNICEF as a member of the first YAPB and it raised my awareness on challenges…, Muhammadkaifan Salaeh 15 - Muhammadkaifan Salaeh, I am currently studying in the first year of the Faculty of Education, Social Studies at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. I was born and raised in the southern border area of Thailand. Growing up in this area has given me firsthand exposure to issues that often align with the portrayal of the media, although some news may be distorted. Certain…, Kanchanabhadra Sai-sook 16 - Kanchanabhadra Sai-sook, My name is Shine. I was born and raised in Chiang Mai, before continuing my high school and university education in Bangkok. I am currently studying law. I am passionate about finding solutions for the issue of violence against children by combining technology, law, and child psychology to enhance the knowledge of children and those around them to…, Rinlita Chaiprasopwong 17 - Rinlita Chaiprasopwong, Hello, my name is Rinlita Chaiprasopwong, or Punch. I am 17 years old and currently in Grade 11 at King's Mongkut International School, where I serve as Student Council secretary. I am a founder and leader of the school botany club called Oasis, which aims to spread awareness about environmental issues as well as increase green space on campus. I…, Sutthiphat Ketkaew 18 - Sutthiphat Ketkaew, Hi, my name is Sutthiphat Ketkaew (Fresh). I believe that the foundation of people’s health and well-being is social welfare. I enjoy sports and have a goal to develop the sports industry in Thailand to meet world standards. I strongly believe that everyone, including young people, should have equal access to welfare and sports. I am currently…, Fahtawan Chokchaiphaisal 19 - Fahtawan Chokchaiphaisal, I am currently studying language and culture at Chulalongkorn University. I have developed a keen interest in history, literature, philosophy and the arts of human intellectual achievements. Most importantly, I am interested in social welfare and mental well-being. I am vice-president of International Student Affairs and also the president of…, Noprada Masuwan 20 - Noprada Masuwan, My name is Noprada Masuwan and I am studying at the Faculty of Medicine, Mahidol University. I have been interested in issues regarding children and youth since high school. I believe that children who are happy, grow up in a good environment, and have emotional and physical well-being, will progress happily according to their developmental phases…, Thannathon Nameephol 21 - Thannathon Nameephol, I am a third-year student at the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, majoring in Medical Illustration. My educational background made me realize the importance  of the media in mobilizing and educating people, especially in terms of misinformation regarding public health and well-being. For this reason, I joined Isan Youth Leaders, which is…, Nopparat Rakchat 22 - Nopparat Rakchat, My name is Nopparat Rakchat (Bloumz), and I am 21 years old. Currently, I am studying at the local administration college, Khon Kaen University. Dancing is my passion, and I have a dance team. However, my aspirations go beyond dance, as I dream of becoming a versatile artist, actor, and streamer. In the past, I was a member of the TO BE NUMBER ONE…, Jinjutha Srisoi 23 - Jinjutha Srisoi, My name is Jinjutha Srisoi, or Lyn, and I am 17 years old. I am currently learning under a Non-Formal Education. I am interested in well-being and mental health issues for all children and other people, regardless of who they are. Because I believe everyone should have access to information and knowledge and have the opportunity to access medical…, Amita Nunwattanasirichai 24 - Amita Nunwattanasirichai, I am Emmy. I am a 17-year-old homeschooled student. I really like doing volunteer work, especially with children. Currently, I help in a pediatric department in a hospital by playing and talking to children at the ward and playing music for them. I also shadowed a doctor at a child abuse clinic and saw many cases of children who were sexually…, Natvara Pichedpan 25 - Natvara Pichedpan, My nickname is Lewyong. Currently, I am a sophomore at Thammasat University, studying Data Science and Innovation. My goal is to utilize Big Data to drive, develop, and support medical professionals in the fields of health, well-being, and mental health. The adoption of Big Data analysis in the healthcare sector will play a crucial role in…, Chairat Deepor 26 - Chairat Deepor, My name is Chairat Deepor (Alex). I am 16 years old and studying Matayom 4 at Omkoi Wittyakom School, majoring in Science and Mathematics. I am from the Karen tribe and live in Omkoi district, Chiang Mai. My main purpose of joining UNICEF's YPAB is to represent hill tribe and underprivileged children, linking them to opportunities to receive good-…, Boonyaphon Saisoi 27 - Boonyaphon Saisoi, Greetings! I am Boonyaphon Saisoi. You can call me Manow. I am a student in the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Mahidol University, majoring in English with a minor in psychology. The YPAB topics that I have chosen to participate in are education and the school-to-work/higher education transition because I recognize the importance of education which will…, Akarachai Mahapaurya 28 - Akarachai Mahapaurya, I am a 17-year-old student from Panyaprateep School, an alternative secondary school that integrates Buddhist wisdom and contemplative studies together with contemporary insights in education. Personally, I believe that education is one of the most fundamental factors of human and national development. Therefore, I wish to take any opportunity I…, Mr. Krit Pachsuwan 29 - Krit Pachsuwan, My name is Krit Pachsuwan and my nickname is Catua. I am 21 years old and from Pattani. However, I moved to study in Nonthaburi. Currently, I am studying Food Science at the Panyapiwat Institute of Management (English Programme). With my interest in environmental innovation, I have twice had an opportunity to join the EnvironHack project,…, Ni-Asma Dueraao 30 - Ni-Asma Dueraao, Hi! My name is Ni-Asma Dueraao and my nickname is Ni. I am 18 years old and grew up in Pattani, a multicultural area where I witnessed the disparity in education, especially for children of migrant workers. This inspired me to found FCLC-MOOC, a website that addresses the issue of education for children of migrant workers and helps them gain…, Natthagamon Rangsan 31 - Natthagamon Rangsan, Hi! My name is Natthagamon Rangsan. My nickname is Palm. I was born on 16th March 2003. I am a student at the Faculty of Nursing, Mahidol University. In the past, I participated in the Leadership Development Programme by CP ALL, which is a capacity development camp for young people from all over the country. I also was part of the 18th Young Thai…, Chaiwat Punoum 32 - Chaiwat Punoum, Hello, my name is Wat. I have participated in the YSEAI Symposium, a project where young people with disabilities come together with other youth to design policies that aim to solve the living problems of persons with disabilities. The interests and the topics that I would like to be part of in policy mobilization are: Scientific education for…, Atitchart Butchan 33 - Atitchat Butchan, My name is Apitchart Butchan. My nickname is Ohm. I am studying at Ban Nonglad Ratutidwittayakom School in Sakhon Nakorn. People said that I am a lively person and they are happy to be around me. My personal motto is "Dare to Think, Dare to Do, Dare to Lead, and Dare to Try". I entered a competition to create a three-minute video on environmental…, Patcharapol Lee-Issaranukul 34 - Patcharapol Lee-Issaranukul, My name is Patcharapol (Copter) Lee-Issaranukul and I'm a Business Administration graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), USA. I have an interest in how technology can help empower economic well-being and improve the educational system, having worked with companies such as Google, YouTube, Microsoft, and Airbnb in Data…, Watwaree Chaimongkol 35 - Watwaree Chaimongkol, I am a second-year student at the Faculty of Political Science (International Relations), Thammasat University. I was born and raised in Pattani. Therefore, I am fundamentally familiar with cultural diversity. I like to learn by doing and have fun with work; I also enjoy learning about other people. In the past five years, I have spent a lot of my…, Punnapa Thianchai 36 - Punnapa Thianchai, My name is Punnapa Thianchai (Yayee). I am a second-year student from King Mongkut's University of Technology, Thonburi. From my early education to university level, I have seen disparity throughout the Thai education system. This also includes the issue of employment, where the educational system fails to serve the needs of new markets. I would…, Passawee Pongsawat 37 - Passawee Pongsawat, Welcome everyone to my introductory message. My name is Pas. My full name is Passawee Pongsawat. I am a 16-year-old native of Songkhla, Southern province. I am currently studying Matayom 4 (Science and Mathematics major) at Mahavajiravudh Changwat Songkhla School. I have participated in several of my school’s internal projects, such as organizing…, Thinantha Phetthanyabun 38 - Thinantha Phetthanyabun, I am 19 years old. My favourite hobbies are drawing, reading, and listening to music. I am a second-year student in Social Studies at the Faculty of Education, Chiang Mai University. I am a vice president of the Ethnic Student Club at Chiang Mai University and a chairman of the "Integrating Knowledge into Community" Club at the Faculty. I used to…, Nattaphom Phomsorn 39 - Nattaphom Phomsorn, "I come from a quaint village named Baan Bua Samakkhi. My educational journey began at Buasamakkee Pittayasan School, an opportunity expansion school in Sang Badan Subdistrict. Despite having around a hundred students, the quality of education and teachers at my school is comparable to that of larger institutions. This school has been instrumental…, Afaf Manyunu 40 - Afaf Manyunu, I am a person who enjoys public speaking, holding the microphone, and giving presentations. As I am about to enter my 6th year of high school, I provide consultation to the student council in my school. Previously, I have participated in ethics and orphan camps, and my interest in mathematics drives me to seek ways to improve education in my…, Korn Danviboon 41 - Korn Danviboon, I am a 10th-grade student from Ruamrudee International School who is passionate and enthusiastic about computer science, economics, and political science. I have worked with various organizations relating to leadership and youth participation, such as being a member of LEO International and the president of Thailand Youth Council at provincial and…, Rajasurang Wongkrasaemongkol 42 - Rajasurang Wongkrasaemongkol, Hi, my name is Rajasurang Wongkrasaemongkol (Prim). I’m a 16-year-old youth advocate who is passionate about the adoption of innovation and technology for a better quality of life. I am currently actively contributing to many social projects, including one on youth participation and innovations to accelerate recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic…, Pimlak Janyasen 43 - Pimlak Janyasen, Hello, I am Pimlak Janyasen, but people usually call me Ja. I am 18 years old and attend Buranarumluk School, which is situated in Trang, a southern province of Thailand. I also spent a year studying abroad in Hungary. My interests include promoting youth engagement in society, environmental preservation, science, and the arts. I currently…, Narinrat Pornwiwatsak 44 - Narinrat Pornwiwatsak, My name is Nalinrat Pornwiwatsuk. I am studying in Matayom 5 at the Setsatian School for the Deaf in Bangkok. I am a deaf student who communicates via sign language and writing. I am the student president for the academic year 2022, and I lead various projects on environmental protection, waste separation, and tree planting at school with the…, Warat Tong-iam 45 - Warat Tong-iam, Hi! My name is Warat Tong-iam. My nickname is Name. I am a third-year student at the Faculty of Economics, Chiang Mai University. I spent some of my high school time abroad. Living in another country inspired me to learn about different ways of life and culture. This is also part of the reason why I like to travel, go to new places and get to know…, Nantaya Jaroenjai 46 - Nantaya Jaroenjai, I firmly believe that "Freedom of thought is the foundation for human growth". I have witnessed numerous problems in the Thai education system, such as how children are kept away from freedom of thought, speech, and expression. As a result, I am determined to be someone who creates change and improvement so that every student can truly have a safe…, Woruethai Chusen 47 - Woruethai Chusen, My name is Woruethai Chusen and my nickname is Tania. I am a 15-year-old student with a hearing impairment who just graduated Matayom 1 at Thepparat School for the Deaf in Prachuab Kirikhan. I was awarded a royally bestowed award in 2021 and achieved a Children and Youth of the Year award in 2023. I am a student leader for all school activities…, Ranchida Rojanakit 48 - Ranchida Rojanakit, My name is Ranchida Rojanakit (Bell), an 18-year-old from Khon Kaen who is about to transition from high school to university. I am an active advocate of youth participation in policymaking as I have seen how inclusive policies can be effective once the voices of young people from different communities are heard. At school, I am the vice president…, Pakon Saeyang 49 - Pakon Saeyang, Hi! My name is Pakon Saeyang. I am studying for a bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University. I have been interested in social issues since I was in high school when I myself faced issues related to educational disparity, access to education, and other school issues similar to other children in my remote area. This…, Panwasa Srikuna 50 - Panwasa Srikuna, I was born and raised in Chiang Mai. I moved to Pathumthani to study at the university level. I am a lively, friendly and helpful person who has enjoyed engaging in social activities since a young age. I can lead, but I am also a good follower. I love children, animals, and plants. I am always ready to learn new things. My dream is to be a social…, Saengsawang Chongkham 51 - Saengsawang Chongkham, Hi! I am Saengsawang Chongkham. I was born on 26 December 2004. I am from an ethnic group called Palaung, currently studying at Thammasat University (Lampang Campus). I am a leader of youth in Ban Pang Daeng Nai, a member of the Committee of Youth from Ethnic Minorities for Development, and a member of the Lanna Youth Activists Network Committee.…
17 March 2023

One Day of Being Governor

What did you do on Children’s Day? We, the members of the Young People Advisory Board (YPAB), had the opportunity to shadow the Bangkok Governor, Mr. Chatchard Sittipunt, and Deputy Governor, Mr. Sanon Wangsrangboon, as they went on a day filled with activities in Bangkok, the capital city known for its social and cultural diversity. Follow us as…, Children’s Discovery Museum, Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipun, along with UNICEF YPAB members, visited Children's Discovery Museum. UNICEF Thailand/2023/Preechapanich Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipun, along with UNICEF YPAB members, watched videos in 4D theater. UNICEF Thailand/2023/Preechapanich Display caption Hide Caption Display caption Hide Caption On their first…, Benjakitti Park, Deputy Governor Sanon Wangsrangboon, UNICEF YPAB members and the Governor of Fukuoka went on a field trip to Benjakitti Park. UNICEF Thailand/2023/Chayaphattharitthee Deputy Governor Sanon Wangsrangboon, UNICEF YPAB members and the Governor of Fukuoka went on a field trip to Benjakitti Park. UNICEF Thailand/2023/Chayaphattharitthee Display caption…, Children’s Day Event at Bangkok Youth Center (Thai-Japan), On National Children's Day, UNICEF YPAB members, UNICEF staff, and Chadchart Sittipun gathered. UNICEF Thailand/2023/Preechapanich A boy who joined Children's Day event at Bangkok Youth Center (Thai-Japan) UNICEF Thailand/2023/Preechapanich Display caption Hide Caption Display caption Hide Caption Deputy Governor Sanon Wangsrangboon handed snacks…, Children’s Day Event at Angoon Garden, Deputy Governor Sanon Wangsrangboon, UNICEF YPAB members joined Children's Day event at Angoon Garden. UNICEF Thailand/2023/Chayaphattharitthee Deputy Governor Sanon Wangsrangboon, UNICEF YPAB members joined Children's Day event at Angoon Garden. UNICEF Thailand/2023/Chayaphattharitthee Display caption Hide Caption Display caption Hide Caption…, The Power of Civil Society Network, Deputy Governor Sanon Wangsrangboon and UNICEF YPAB members joined ‘The Power of Civil Society Network’ session. UNICEF Thailand/2023/Chayaphattharitthee UNICEF YPAB members joined ‘The Power of Civil Society Network’ session. UNICEF Thailand/2023/Chayaphattharitthee Display caption Hide Caption Display caption Hide Caption After our adventure to…, Rod Fai Park - Chatuchak Park - Sirikit Park, Deputy Governor Sanon Wangsrangboon, UNICEF YPAB members and UNICEF staff walked through Rod Fai Park, Chatuchak Park and Sirikit Park. UNICEF Thailand/2023/Chayaphattharitthee UNICEF YPAB members and UNICEF staff gathered on the ground. UNICEF Thailand/2023/Preechapanich Display caption Hide Caption Display caption Hide Caption Our last stop was…, Something to Share with Other Youths, Panupan (Top) Pitak UNICEF Thailand/2023/Preechapanich Panupan (Top) Pitak There always is price to pay for changes towards a better future. It might cost physical strength, emotional power, or the feeling that we have to trade for our dream. But one thing that I would like to remind everyone is to hold onto their dreams without giving up.…