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Corporate engagement

Corporate partnerships
Our success in delivering programmes for children in Thailand is made possible because of the support we receive from individuals and companies who care about children and want to help us make a positive difference in their lives.

Creating an alliance with UNICEF
UNICEF works closely with multi-national corporations, national companies and small-to medium-sized businesses to identify, design and implement alliances that leverage the strengths of the corporate sector on behalf of the children.  By working together, companies help to support UNICEF’s programs as well as help build awareness on issues vital to children.

There are many ways to shape a high-impact partnership

a) Corporate Donations: Strategic philanthropic investments in UNICEF have great impact, for the scope and reach of UNICEF and its expertise in issues important to children is unparalleled.

b) Cause-Related Marketing: Signature cause-related marketing programs allow a company to offer consumers the opportunity to support UNICEF with their product purchases.

c) Special Events: Corporate partners can also designate UNICEF as the beneficiary of their own fundraising or special events, such as anniversaries and annual dinners, or choose to sponsor UNICEF special events.

d) Employee Fundraising: This is an exciting initiative that allows employees of a company to support UNICEF’s work for children, and in addition gives the company an opportunity to match the funds raised by its employee.

e) Customer Fundraising: Person-to-person fundraising for UNICEF and providing UNICEF access to customer databases are among the simple ways companies can help generate funding for the work of UNICEF.

Benefits of partnering with UNICEF
By partnering with UNICEF in cause-related marketing, corporations can build brand awareness of children’s concerns, enhance retail, client and customer relationships, and increase sales and market share. Strategic grants and contributions can support programmes aligned with the company’s interest and core competencies, involve employees in several ways, such as through giving and matching gift programs, and leverage gifts in-kind.

These are some of the reasons why supporting UNICEF’s work for children is a wise investment

• Our global and respected brand
• Our commitment
• Exciting campaigns that align with your company’s strategic and marketing goal
• A way to develop international brands, e.g. the Check out for Children programme with Starwood hotels, United for UNICEF with Manchester United
• Building your company’s profile and recognition

Getting started
The alliances that UNICEF enters into with companies that are characterized by shared agendas which are mutually beneficial and that leverage each organization’s collective strengths. The development of long-term alliances is particularly important to UNICEF to ensure sustainability for children.

Should you be interested in a partnership with UNICEF, please contact
Ms. Pornthida Padthong
UNICEF Thailand Commuincation Officer



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