The Volunteer’s “COVID-19 Booklet” and Its Welcoming Response

I AM UNICEF Volunteer Shares Her Impressions from Volunteer Work

Chotirot Suksangvoravong
A group of students are lining and showing UNICEF colouring booklets.
UNICEF Thailand/2021/Rungsiri Nuchsuwan
21 January 2021

In a classroom lies a stack of amazing colouring booklets to your left, and sets of bright colouring pencils to your right.

What do you think will happen?

Rungsiri Nuchsuwan has continuously been working closely with primary school students for student health promotion through her work. She recognizes that it is important to teach children about healthcare and prevention from diseases especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, so she volunteers with I Am UNICEF1 to deliver colouring booklets. These colouring booklets not only consist of fun and engaging drawings but are also filled with knowledge about the prevention of COVID-19 and other viruses. Children can therefore enjoy the learning process through colouring and reading the booklet.

A group of young school girls are doing the colouring with the booklets received from UNICEF.
UNICEF Thailand/2021/Rungsiri Nuchsuwan

Rungsiri has organized an event to deliver booklets and teach students at 25 schools in Chokechai and Nong Bhun Mak Districts in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, as well as schools in Saraburi Province. So far, they have been well received by school executives and teachers. Students keep telling her “I want one!” and run enthusiastically to choose their colouring pencils. This booklet has allowed these students to have fun learning while also connecting to adults close to them, including teachers, parents, siblings and relatives. They get to spend time talking, telling stories and colouring the booklet together. What’s more, they are spending quality time together in a way that is social and beneficial to their mental and physical health. Rungsiri calls this an activity from which “children learn and adults review” and concluded that: 

This booklet “brings volunteers to children in schools”
This booklet “brings volunteers to talk to school executives, teachers and parents”
This booklet “brings volunteers welcoming responses” 
This booklet “brings happy moments for people working closely with children”
This booklet “brings smiles to children’s faces”

Because this booklet “helps children take better care of themselves and be happier.”

UNICEF volunteer is explaining the colouring booklets to the schoolchildren.
UNICEF Thailand/2021/Rungsiri Nuchsuwan

Of course, this booklet makes children smile and laugh. But most importantly, an important bridge is built between schools, parents, teachers and students, the bridge that is the passionate volunteers such as Rungsiri who aim to educate and make an impact for children – making this COVID-19 booklet2 beneficial and valuable for all children.

  1. I Am UNICEF is a volunteer programme launched in 2018 to engage members of the public in programmes for children to help improve the lives of children and youth in Thailand. 
  2. The COVID-19 booklets are the product of I Am UNICEF volunteers' commitment to design cartoons to teach children about virus prevention and gather volunteer power to benefit children throughout the country.