Sleeping Beauty and COVID-19: Child’s Creativity Unleashed

UNICEF staff shares parenting tips

Songporn Leelakitichok
A father is playing with his daughter
UNICEF Thailand
11 May 2020

Working from home seems to be a temporary new setting for many who are still committed to their work while staying safe from the pandemic.

Juggling between work and family life with children staying home due to school closure sounds like a challenge for many but this unique environment can also unveil wonderful quality time with our children that we may otherwise be deprived of in normal time.

Santi Siritheerajesd, UNICEF Child Protection Officer, told us about his working from home, with a six-year-old daughter. “Boongkie sees it as her play time when her dad is at home,” he said. Upon some thoughts to ensure he manages dual role of UNICEF programme officer and a father right at the same minute, he came up with an idea for his daughter to create her own story book and share with him at the end of the day, and that is how Boongkie’s ‘Sleeping Beauty and COVID-19’ story comes about.  This time the villain is the virus instead of a wicked witch who put a curse on the princess. “She got infected by COVID-19 so the prince had to rescue her,” Boongkie told her father.

A young girl is showing off her drawing
UNICEF Thailand

"A child’s imagination is impressive,” Santi continued.  Instead of seeing children as obstacles for working at home, “One can engage their children with many activities during this lockdown.  I tried it myself and found this has been translated into practice beautifully,” he said. Through this innovative activity, Boongkie not only understands this pandemic situation but it also turns out to be the family’s quality time together.

Boongkie continues learning at home while her father also continues his work to achieve UNICEF’s goals in helping all children across Thailand during this difficult time. We believe family is an anchor that will help us all go through this pandemic together.


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