10 Online learning platforms for teenagers and young people to develop their skills during COVID-19

In every crisis, lies an opportunity. UNICEF wants to invite teenagers and young people to make good use of their free time.

Vilasa Phongsathorn
A boy joins an online learning session at his home
20 May 2020

The current situation has encouraged us to stick to social distancing measures. We acknowledge that teenagers and young people are affected by school and office closures but let’s keep in mind that in every crisis, lies an opportunity. UNICEF wishes to invite teenagers and young people to make great use of their time by taking online courses to develop their skills. Fortunately, there are numerous learning platforms that young people can take for free, ranging from computer and professional skills, online business, application development, languages, and so much more.

UNICEF has prepared a list of 10 online learning platforms for teenagers and young people to dive into today.


1. Thai MOOC

Thai MOOC collaborates with leading universities abroad to provide an online learning management system. There are many courses to choose from. The platform supports the use of various devices where users can study anytime, anywhere at their convenience. Currently, there are more than 276 courses in the system, such as: 

  • Web Developer: Basic website creation with HTML and CSS
  • Foundation of Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animation Foundations
  • Computer-based Graphics Design
  • Building mobile applications without coding: with MIT APP Inventor

SkillLane is an online learning platform with a wide range of subjects to choose from. The courses in this platform offer both free and paid courses. Classes are taught in the form of videos, making it easy for users to learn and develop their skills anytime and anywhere!

Online courses offered by Chulalongkorn University is recommended for high school students, university students and the public who are interested in expanding their knowledge. However, the course schedule varies from course to course. Once the user has completed the course and has passed the criteria, they will be given a Certificate of Completion. Examples of interesting courses are as follows:

  • Radio and Television Communication
  • English for Job Hunters
  • How to export your products?
  • How to create infographics?
  • Marketing in the 21st century

CMU MOOC is a platform of online courses offered by Chiang Mai University (CMU). Although the number of courses in this platform is quite limited, the courses offered are quite unique. For example, coffee cultivation and processing, growing crops for extra income or even courses teaching how to create your own spa business etc. The courses are taught by professors from CMU, while the courses are free, there is a certain period of study and expiration date.

Skooldio offers online classes as well as live workshops. This platform focuses mainly on the development of modern skills that are in high demand from programming, data science, design thinking and digital business. The courses and workshops are designed to promote “learning by doing,” the students are encouraged to take on exercises, projects and group activities. Skooldio offers both free and paid courses. See below for examples of free interesting courses for young people to start their online career.

  • How to design a chatbot to automatically respond to customers in Thai language without having to code
  • Know your customers from social media insights

S Learning is a platform that offers numerous free and paid courses in various categories, including business, finance, investment, computer programming, languages and other self-development courses. See below for examples of free courses to develop your skills in the online world.

  • Elementer Pro: A step by step guide to creating your own website using WordPress 
  • How to make your post go viral using Facebook advertisements (smartphone version)
  • How to make use of Beauty Influencers to promote your cosmetic line

Department of Skill Development has launched free online learning courses ranging to 15 professions and careers. For example, motorcycle mechanic, welder mechanic, notebook and computer repair, Thai cooking, forklift driver, air-conditioning technician, welders and freelancers as well as car painters, electricians and courses teaching Japanese, Korean and English.

Space is a project by Chula Business School under Chulalongkorn University. The courses are mainly business related with a focus on marketing, accounting and Startup businesses. The courses are free of charge.

Digital Skill is a project of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, operated by the Thai Programmer association to educate digital knowledge and skills. The courses are free of charge, and once the course is completed, the user will receive a certificate. See below for interesting courses ranging from basic practices and advance techniques. 

  • Website development: c# ASP.NET MVC 
  • HTML / CSS - foundations
  • Software Development

A learning platform that teaches English for free. The courses are suitable for all ages, from elementary students to college students. Specialized courses for professionals are also available. There will be a video to summarize the class before users are encouraged to test their skills.

This is just a part of it. For more information (in Thai), click here.