Youth Employability Scoping Study

by Thailand Development Research Institute

A group of students in student uniform are having a conversation happily.
UNICEF Thailand/2016/Metee Thuentap


Young people are the future of tomorrow, yet they face many challenges impeding a smooth transition to attain decent work and fulfil their aspirations. Thailand is currently facing momentous social and technological changes. Technological advancement means that although new roles will be created in the labour market, certain traditional roles will become redundant, with human resources being replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. With an ageing society imminent, it is vital that young people own the skills needed to contribute positively to the twenty-first century world of work. Yet, at present, Thailand’s education system does not equip all students with the skills needed to transition successfully into this new world of work, and many young people remain excluded from opportunities, or are not reaching their potential, especially the most disadvantaged. Furthermore, educational mismatch, whereby a young person’s educational ability is not aligned with the job they are performing, means that some skills are being wasted, or that graduates are not accessing the roles they desire.

The cover of Youth Employability Scoping Study.
Thailand Development Research Institute
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