Is Thailand on the path to an inclusive recovery: High-Frequency Surveys

Findings from 2 rounds of high-frequency survey

A family photograph. The father is wearing a face mask and is holding his youngest child. The mother, who is also wearing a mask, is holding her child in her arms. Neither of the children is wearing a mask.
UNICEF Thailand/2020/Patrick


UNICEF’s High-Frequency Surveys aim to assess the socio-economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis and other shocks on the welfare of households and track the recovery trajectories of different groups of the population across socio-economic dimensions, in such areas as employment, income, child care, food security, coping strategies, education, and health. The first round of the Survey was conducted in September 2022 and the second in March 2023.

High-Frequency Surveys (findings from 2 rounds)

The report's cover, "Is Thailand on the Path to Inclusive Recovery?"
UNICEF Thailand
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