The Business Case for Supporting Education for Disadvantaged Children in Thailand

Every child – regardless of gender, socioeconomic background, ethnicity or location – has a right to an education

UNICEF Thailand


This paper presents a selection of education programmes supported by private sector companies which are built around the needs of children. It demonstrates how focusing on children’s rights, their education, and their futures have helped these companies build trust within the community, improve their own risk management, and strengthen their social licenses to operate1 in Chiang Mai province.

The paper describes a successful inclusive education public-private partnership where companies have been engaged through a business association, together with education authorities, schools, and UNICEF – which provided guidance for businesses on how to support children’s rights based on Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRBP) – to support the education needs of disadvantaged children.

Cover of The Business Case for Supporting Education for Disadvantaged


UNICEF Thailand and Sasin Center for Sustainability Management

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