The Adolescent Kit for Expression & Innovation

Adapted Resource Package for COVID-19

A group of students are engaging in a conversation with their teacher.
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While schools and other institutions are planning phased openings soon, disruptions are likely to continue for some time to come, emphasizing the need for remote learning and expression opportunities for adolescents. Providing adolescents with such opportunities to build healthy and positive relationships with their peers, friends and family members is an important priority for adolescents’ mental health during lockdowns.

UNICEF and partners are responding to adolescents’ needs for the continuity of learning, psychosocial support and skills building during COVID-19. Strengthening adolescents’ engagement in home-based activities that promote these aspects is a critical strategy for UNICEF’s Country Offices and partners. 

UNICEF has adapted selected parts of the Adolescent Kit for Expression and Innovation (the Kit) to provide adolescents with a resource package of activities that can be self-administered to promote their psychosocial wellbeing and learn new skills in times of stress and while staying at home. The target group of the resource package is adolescents aged 10-19 years. Besides being adapted for the COVID-19 crisis, these activities can be promoted and used in any context of restriction, where adolescents are unable to gathering due to e.g. safety concerns, social norms, disease outbreaks requiring social distancing, etc.

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