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1st Week of December - World AIDS Day

© UNICEF Thailand/2008/Athit Perawongmetha

At the one-stop service clinic at Srinagarind Hospital in Khon Kaen Province, a pharmacist shows different types of anti-viral medicine to a boy living with HIV. Many children stop taking their medicine when they become sad and discouraged. The discontinuity makes their physical conditions worse and their treatment more complicated due to drug resistance. As a result, these children must start taking new sets of medicines which can be more expensive and are not covered by goverment universal healthcare scheme.

Srinagarind Hospital provides holistic pediatric care of children with HIV since 2003 with support from UNICEF. Hoslitic care is not only about physical examination and drug treatment but also unfolding the children's inner problems. This includes quarterly chekckups, counseling, home visit and creative workshops and activities.

UNICEF's Photo of the Week highlights the best images focusing on the situations facing children around the world. By sharing their stories, and illustrating the issues that affect their lives, UNICEF hopes to promote and defend the rights of children everywhere.



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